Alton Towers & Europa in Early Season

Monday, December 13, 2004 7:11 AM
Hey! This up coming March-April I will be making my first trip to Europe! I've noticed that both Alton Towers and Europa Parks state on their websites that they open in late March. Is there any disadvantage to visiting these parks that early in their seasons as there is for several American parks (i.e. several rides not open yet, employees that don't know how to do their jobs yet, etc.)?

Any tips for these two parks would also be much appreciated. Also info on other DO NOT MISS parks would be great! Thanks:)

Monday, December 13, 2004 7:35 AM
Alton Towers new coaster may not be open yet, suppose to be the first or second weekend in April but it might be open for the Easter weekend!

All the major rides will be open at Alton and I would say with the quality of Europa Park you wouldn't have any problems at all their!

Monday, December 13, 2004 8:58 AM
One other question I should ask...Does anyone know how to get to the two parks without a car?
Monday, December 13, 2004 9:17 AM
Alton Towers is a bit of a nightmare. You will have to catch a train to the closest town, think its Uttoxeter and there is a bus every hour that takes you to the park how-ever I'm not sure if the bus will be running off-peak that early in the season. Alton Towers isn't very public transport friendly at all!

Not sure about Europa Park when I visited I had a car and the park seemed to be a bit in the middle of no-where!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004 4:04 PM
What about Blackpool? Worth a would I get there car-less
Tuesday, December 14, 2004 4:19 PM
Best park in the country (though I'm biased even though it is)!

From London, by train... Get to Euston Station and from there it's Euston to Preston then change for a local connection to Blackpool. Journey time of around 3.5 hours or so. You would probably make it to Blackpool much easier and quicker than getting to Alton.

You'll find several great woodies and an awful lot more though the mine train is way over-rated ;)



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