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Ok, this was a trip a while ago, but I felt I HAD to write it up.

Morning comes, I jump in my car, bang head (memo to self: just get in car next time, jumping in is hazardous to head). Drive to friends house, get them, drive to Alton Towers (skipping 40 mins of excited chatter about AIR).

Get there in plenty of time to pick up reservered tickets and get in park 30 mins early as I'm special. Get on Monorail, pass AIR on monorail, get very excited. Appraoching station, monorail stops, dead.

find out monorail is broken, 15 min delay. 20 mins later repair crew arrive, erect ladder, take down ladder, turn other way up, re-erect ladder and tinker with track.
40 mins later still nothing.
One hour after boarding we start moving, we finally get to the station and there are staff members there who give us an instant cash refund, free tickets to the park for the day and tickets to skip the queues for AIR.

Mood somewhat improved after almost slaying friends under suspicion that they had arranged the breakdown to see how insane I'd become.

Dash to back of park to get to AIR, walk down diabled queue to skip normal one. Realise that as I'm approaching the person in front of me that he is actually Anthony Stewart Head aka Giles from Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

OH MY GOD! *Thank-you monorail*. Decide not to say "You're Anthony Stewart Head" as I figure he knows this already and he's with his young daughters so also figure he would rather spend time with his family. He looks at me and smiles a knowing smile.
I stand next to him with everyone looking and me thinking *Oh yeah! I'm cool! I'm stood with Anthony Stewart Head, AND I'm skipping the queue!*.

Get on AIR, make comment about the view in the station being of the person in fronts rear end.
Do ride, come off feeling most elated, it was most certainly excellent!
See ASH's on-ride pic, laugh loads *it wasn't that scary!*

Go ride Nemesis, which is still fantastic even though I've ridden it more times than I have had hot dinners. Hmmm, maybe next time I'll not hold my legs out directly in front of me as having 4G's pulled on them does make them feel kinda wobbly when you next go to use them!

Quick trip to Oblivion. Nope, sorry, a vertical drop *is* just a vertical drop after you've ridden it three times already in your life.
Go on Submission, think they should use the slogan "It's going up-side down and going the right way about it". There's no messing, they just whip you over and hold you there. Pure indulgence!

Then a quick battering on the Corkscrew, ouch, 21 years haven't been kind to it.

Then back to Nemesis and AIR. Laugh at guy who returns to the station with only one shoe!
Front row on AIR this time, most certainly worth the extra wait for it! Damn them for the strategically positioned rocks, they scare the **** out of you jsut when you think it's safe!

Do the Runaway Mine train, just because life's not complete without it and tehre wasn't too much of a queue.

Return to car, saddly Monorail didn't break down. Drove home, dropped friends off after long talk about AIR and other rides and how they compare, more random knowledge dispensed.
Get home, collapse in a big heap.
Ok, so not the best report ever, but I've sort of calmed down since I went!
I'm planning a 2 day trip later this month, I'll put more effort in to that one, maybe put some pics and vid clips up as I'm aware some of you may never have seen Alton Towers being that the majority of people here are from America.

"How do you do it?"
"Do what?"
"Manage to look so calm and relaxed after corkscrewing on that thing (Nemesis)"
"Well, it's just kinda theraputic!"
"You're a first class weirdo!"

I'll be most likely going to Paris next summer.... Do you know how far from Paris Alton Towers is??

AIR sounds great!!

Raging Bull= 107

Paris is in France, Alton Towers is in Staffordshire, England.
Understandably with them being separate landmasses, that's quite a distance apart.

Unless you're in Paris for a while and fancy getting the EuroTunnel over to the UK, then a long trip halfway up the UK to Staffordshire, I don't think you're going to be able to get there.

However, AIR is great. It's not so much a terrifying coaster designed to give high-adrenaline rushes, it's more a calm, well paced experience.
I should imagine it's much like any other flying-coaster. Having not been on another flying-coaster I cannot compare.

"How do you do it?"
"Do what?"
"Manage to look so calm and relaxed after corkscrewing on that thing (Nemesis)"
"Well, it's just kinda theraputic!"
"You're a first class weirdo!"

If your in Paris you can check out Disneyland Paris and Parc Asterix. I would have but I went last winter :(.

84 coasters and counting

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