Alton, Blackpool, and Europa in late march

Associated parks:

Per the info I have been able to find online the referenced parks all open in late March-

Are there any disadvantages to visiting these parks this early in the year?

Also how do you get to these places without a car?

And before anyone says anything- yes I know I started this post on the General Forum, but thought that I may get more of a response here. Thanks!

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^You'll get the same (or less) response here.

You really don't need to post more than once. If people know the information, they will tell you. There are a lot of people from the US here that might not be familiar with these parks, hence the lack of a response.


SuperSaver weekend at Blackpool Pleasure Beach start on 19th February, running every weeked (Sat and Sun) up to 20th March. The park is also open 21-24 March - all with SuperSaver Wristbands at £10. A real bargain that came about because the rides are running in for the season, so are more likely not to run to full speed, or may be closed to fix any problems, and the management felt it unfair to charge full whack during this time. will tell you when they are opening - no date yet.

CoasterFanMatt said:You really don't need to post more than once.

Exactly; easiest and quickest public transport route to BPB already posted here...

The park even has a station next door.


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i can't speak for Europa Park, but i agree with Invy's post about the best way to get to BP, Alton is a sod to get to without a car - your best bet is to get by train to the nearest appropriate station (sorry i don't know the name - only used it once when my car died when we were up there a few years back) and get a taxi to the towers or your accommodation. There's a bus service that runs through Cheadle, Alton and up to a stop outside the main entrance, which serves most of the B&B's / hotels in the area.

Going early in season is often the quietest as long as you avoid weekends, but it's quiet for a reason - the British weather.

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