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Last week we headed up to Park City to try out their new Alpine Coaster. I have done the alpine slide before and have always had a blast so I was excited to try this new coaster and see if I thought this coaster was really a coaster.

The drive up to Park City from Sandy is always nice and I love seeing the ski jumps at the Olympic Sports Park. I still can't believe people actually jump off those huge hills.

When we got up to Park City we noticed besides the coaster they had put in two more alpine slides and a zip line since the last time we had been up there which was years ago.

We got double tickets which gives you a ride on the alpine slide and a ride on the alpine coaster. Those tickets cost $22. Pretty expensive if you ask me but a ride on the coaster alone is $17 so you might as well buy a combo.

We rode the slide first and tried out the new tracks. I would suggest riding the older tracks on a hotter day because they are much faster.

We then headed over to the coaster. On a first observation this looks just like a real coaster with one seat cars. Unlike the alpine slide where you ride a dki lift to the top and then drag your sled over to the track, you load the alpine coaster at the bottom of the hill and you ride up a serious of lift hills all the way to the top.

It is an incredibly scenic ride to the top and then before you know it you are cresting the top of the hill and off you go. This ride cooks! I didn't use the brakes at all because you are hooked onto the rails like a normal coaster and you won't fly off the track like you can on an alpine slide. My wife even loved this coaster because she could control the speed. She used her brakes a bit but that made the ride perfect for her.

This coaster was a blast diving down the mountain side, in and out of trees, and hitting little bumps of air time. I had a blast on this and I wish the price wasn't so steep or I would have ridden more. Once again I think they should give a bounce back pass for $10 but I guess they don't need to because they had a line for the coaster all day.

If you come out to Salt Lake for Lagoon, the S&S park, or just for business do not miss this unique coaster experience. You can be up in Park City in about 45 min from downtown Salt Lake! Even though the price is a bit high in my book it is one of those things that you have to do at least once and I know you will love it!

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Awesome. I'm happy that more of these coasters are showing up in the states. The one in Colorado starts at the top of the mountain and then lifts you back up at the end.

That is a steep price, but much more worth it than a skycoaster.

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I didn't even know about the one in Colorado until you mentioned it. I just looked it up and on our drive out to Utah we drove right past it, only it was like 1:00 in the morning when we drove through that area so we couldn't have ridden it anyway, but maybe I'll plan better next time....
Jiminy Peak in Massachussetts has one too and they offer an unlimited ride option of $33 for 90 minutes. Since there were few folks there on our day we got in a bunch of rides. It was great fun and although a little pricey, something that I would recommend.

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