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Hello. I went to Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park a couple of weeks ago. I got my first ride on an Alpine Coaster. Wow!! What a great ride!! Just wondering if Coaster Buzz considers an Alpine Coaster a rollercoaster?? If so, I would like to contribute it to the database.

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To me, alpine coasters are low-capacity user-operated roller coasters. I hesitate to use the term "brakeman" for obvious reasons.

By the same logic, I also consider alpine slides to be analogous to bobsled coasters. Truly dangerous bobsled coasters...

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Now I went to RCDB because I've never heard of the park you were at. It listed two coasters that weren't what you were talking about. I went to youtube to find a pov of it and it looks like a roller coaster to me. It rolls, and it coasts. That's a coaster. So why doesn't the rcdb guy consider it one?

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It's user operated. More like sledding on tracks.

I've been on one Mountain/Alpine coaster, at Mountain Creek here in Jersey. I enjoyed the heck out of it, but found it uncomfortable to ride in that position while trying to hold the lever as instructed. My arms and legs were just short of optimal length. I did wish it went faster.

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I was told by the ride operator to not use the brakes unless it was an emergency. I flew like a bat out of Hell down that mountain. Then a chain lift took me back to the top.

I believe Duane leaves it off of is due to the lack of uphill sections on alpine coasters. I've yet to be on an alpine coaster that has an uphill section due to the fact that users are responsible for their own braking and could potentially stall themselves enough to valley & get rear-ended. The sleds that you ride have 2 brakes built into them, the first is the user operated brake and the 2nd is a centrifugal brake, once you go fast enough, the centrifugal brake applies itself automatically.

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Duane doesn't list them. I personally count them.

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For some reason I really do not want to count them but I also cannot think of a good argument of why not to count them.

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