Alpengeist featured in Super Bowl spot

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Just in case you haven't seen it, the giant inverted B&M masterpiece Alpengeist at Busch Gardens Willamsburg was featured in a Super Bowl spot for Pepsi.

You can view the clip on using QuickTime.

I did notice a certain contempt for physics in that spot, with the kid 'skillfully' rotating his cup so as not to spill it...never mind that if you invert the cup while going through an inversion (so that the bottom of the cup points towards the ground), you will spill it...

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I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that commercial. That is my favorite B&M inverted coaster, even though it's was a little rough the last time I rode it (99'). I'm suprised they didn't have one of those "Don't attempt" warnings at the bottom of the screen.
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Thanks, Dave... you've managed to kill a totally good fantasy. :)

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Wow.That's a good commercial for BGW!

Thuur Crompvoets
We are about the only ones who would know it is Alpengheist. The GP would see it as another coaster.

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everyone go over to and vote for this commercial. maybe we can make it #1. it is pretty close now.
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Thats a damn cool commercial, i didnt see it though during the game, i wish i did, it would have been the only thing that evening worth watching...
I don't believe it was on during the game, but rather during the pregame show. I work for Pepsi-cola and personally I thought it was our best commercial and they wasted it before the actual game.(then again, the way the game turned out, there were probably more viewers then!!). Wildone is right, we are the only ones that would know what coaster it is.

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I've never been to bush gardens,but I new that it was alpengheist the second i saw was my favorite superbowl commercial.i also liked the budweiser spaceship dog commercial.
Hey that commercial was actually pretty cool
I can't get it to play! What's wrong?

What is life without ups and downs!?!?
Amazing!!!That is my new favorite commercial.How could they do that?
Add one part Alpengeist, one part fixed camera, one part wit and two parts computer generated imaging. That's all there was to it.

I was also surprised at the lack of a disclaimer... Heh heh.
that girl was hot, i proly would have done the same thing lol
Thats about the only good pepsi commercial i saw besides the bod dole one. Yeah i'd say i have a new fav. commercial.

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Hey Volleyballguy, are you sure? Last time you were on here you told everyone the Sea Serpent at Morey's Piers was being dismantled, when it was just being painted. Are you sure you don't work for Coke? RC? Faygo? Shasta? And if you do work for Pepsi, I am sure the Morey's were delighted about that rumor, since Pepsi is their official drink.
Yup. The kid spinning the cup is b/s. Just keep it upright and it won't spill, well, a little. However this leads to a quandry, what do you do in a Zero-G Roll??

A while ago on a TV Show - "Who Dares Wins," there was a dare where you had a cup of green cordial on Bounty's Revenge - a Looping Starship. If it didn't spill, win $50.
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The one thing the spot does well is demonstrate how male coaster enthusiasts get around attractive women. :)

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