All Worked Up

I was doing some channel surfing tonight, and caught a quick glimpse of what I thought was Possessed. After doing some investigating, I found out that TruTV is broadcasting a new show called "All Worked Up."

The show is about people whose jobs is dealing with conflict. One of the highlighted characters is the head of security at Dorney Park/WWK. According to the press release, the show will feature "passionate confrontations and laugh out loud encounters."

Yeah we can imagine.

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Doesn't exactly sound like something that puts the park in a positive light.

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Maybe not the park directly, but indirectly, if they show a lot of tools among the guests. Probably won't be much new that people in here haven't seen somewhere in some park.

Either there's a typo in the article, or for some reason TruTV thinks 9 AM is a great time to premier a new show...

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I didn't see it, but I heard part of a commercial for it a few days ago. The guy was saying to someone, "So, you just decided to go for a joyride in the swan boat?"

This ought to be an interesting show. I've never seen someone steal a swan boat, but I've seen lots of bozos at Dorney.

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Im quite surprised the park PR is ok with that. I sent that link to some of my BGW peeps and they comment they would not be too keen to sensationalize shenanigans that go on in the park.

But every PR group sees things differently I guess.

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@CP Chris

It was a typo, show airs at 9:00 and 9:30 PM...DVR set.

No such thing as bad publicity and all, right?

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Jim S. said:
......... but I've seen lots of bozos at Dorney.

Darn it I miss the clown days!! Apparently any time I've ever gone to Dorney it's been Gangsta day!

btw--any of the shows on TruTV suck because they suffer from the "let's look at that video again, and again, and again, and again-that gets on my last nerve! :(

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^ True (or is it Tru?). But I admit I can't get enough of the video of that loser falling through the ceiling of the liquor store onto the shelf full of bottles.

LuvRaptor said:

Darn it I miss the clown days!! Apparently any time I've ever gone to Dorney it's been Gangsta day!

Have those been weekend visits in the summer? Unfortunately they have a lot of bus trips with bad crowds on the summer weekends. I won't go anywhere near the park on a Saturday or Sunday in July or August because of all the bad stuff I have read about.

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