All The Bright Places features The Blue Flash

The trailer for All The Bright Places features a brief shot of The Blue Flash backyard roller coaster. The movie premieres 2/28/2020 on Netflix.

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I'm sure I'll love it, because I'm a sucker for coming-of-age stories. Elle Fanning is completely underrated. Did you see Super 8? The kids in that movie were all pretty great.

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Looks like a pretty good movie. From the trailer, it seems to hit all the rom-com troupes. Fanning is a good actress. I haven''t seen her in more recent movies, but it looks like she''s transitioned well from a child actor just fine.

IIRC, Blue Flash was either dismantled or no longer in service as of recently.

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Look again... that's not the original ride.

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Yeah, I seem to remember John was involved with the replacement though.

I wonder why they didn't just use the original ones – maybe it was cheaper to build afresh rather than travel the whole film crew?

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