All American Amusement Park.

Someone shared this with me on Facebook.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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Too many different cable channels. Can't keep up.

This show looks interesting enough, but I don't even know if I have that channel.

Oh, I bet Great American Country plays on your tv down there, Travis...

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I've never heard of that channel.

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The production company contacted me a few months back. Apparently, they were having a bit of trouble casting and looking for leads. I wasn't personally interested (and they didn't want me).

IIRC, there will be 6 episodes. The idea is that each episode focuses on a geographical area (Ohio parks, Jersey Shore piers, I think one was southern parks and hits Carowinds, Dollywood and SDC, etc.) and the host visits the parks with "superfans" who show him around.

I always wonder exactly how many different ways these shows can package and present the same 'ol ****.

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I looked. The channel is available to me, but I don't have that tier, and the other channels available in the tier are not something I would watch at all. I already pay the cable company $160 a month, and I watch three channels an approximate total of about six hours a week, so I'll skip this one for now. lol

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They contacted me as well. I told them it sounded like an awful premise for a show.

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But maybe not for a channel that also airs "More Country Music Videos", "Flea Market Flip", "Southern Barbequed Everything", and "I Brake for Yard Sales!".

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How did we ever survive with just ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS?

I maybe would watch this show, if my current last resort show to watch when there's nothing else to watch, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives*, wasn't on.

*My fondness for diners, drive-ins and dives overcomes my fondness for not seeing Guy Fieri.

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I want to punch that guy in the back of the head for wearing his sunglasses there. It's more douchey than a backwards ball cap.

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Coincidentally, U-Verse just added GAC in HD to our lineup today (previously only SD).

So now I can not watch this show in Hi-Def!

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Party at your house!

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog

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It could be the world's first not-viewing party.

For what it costs for a month's subscription for Pay-TV in my neck of the woods I could spend a day at "The Mouse House" or any other Theme Park in my area., for about two and a half times a month's Pay-TV Subscription I can get a Season Pass.

Lets see, one month of "Junk TV Channels" infested with a mind-numbing number of commercials and other "On-Screen" Advertising (That's 'Pop-Ups, Scrolls, and Banners blocking what you are trying to watch for those of you in Rio Linda!) Or visiting your favorite Theme Parks. I'll let you guess what my choice would be.

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I'll take both.


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