Alex's Place?

Sunday, September 22, 2002 6:05 PM
Has anyone visited Alex's Place recently? (don't do it now or you're in for a big surprise!). I went to look for a ride photo... not THOSE kind of photos. Anyway, does anyone know what happened to it?
Sunday, September 22, 2002 6:23 PM
I while back it just showed a page that said "non-payment" - nothing like that...

The Other Siebert

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Sunday, September 22, 2002 6:28 PM
Oh my god.....thank god my mom wasn't in the room. Ehem.....Alex!
Sunday, September 22, 2002 6:31 PM

Looks like it has been hacked to me.

It goes to the page and says HAHA before it is redirected to the porn site.

All I need is 4.5 million bucks and a half a mile long sliver of land and maybe someone could build me my very own Shivering Timbers. ;)

Sunday, September 22, 2002 6:48 PM
WHOA! Not exactly coaster photos...

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