*ALERT* Interstate closures may affect travel to Coaster Con/Parks

Hello to all! I wanted to pass on the following bit of information, and I am hoping you will in turn pass it on.

To those of you that may be traveling through the Metro Louisville, KY area to attend various coaster events and/or parks over the next month or two, please be aware that there will be significant interstate closures that may affect your travel.

Interstate 64 will be closed for construction from Preston Street to the Sherman Minton Bridge for three consecutive weekends beginning Friday. The interstate also will be closed between Third Street and 22nd Street beginning July 5. Those traveling to and from Holiday World, SFKK, Beech Bend, King’s Island etc through Louisville will likely be affected by these closures.

To avoid traffic problems, the city is advising travelers to seek alternative routes through Louisville and ask that drivers allow extra time to get to their respective destinations.

Here’s a link to information detailing the work that will be underway. The interstate repair will be occurring on weekends, so it should not affect those traveling through the downtown Louisville area mid-week… Knock wood!


I hope each of you have safe travels this season, and I wish each of you great times at each park you visit.

Happy Coastering!


P.S. If you are looking for things to do while in the Louisville area outside of the various parks… well, Louisville is hosting an extended run of Disney’s “The Lion King” beginning this week and running until July 8th, and racing is well underway at Churchill Downs (home of the KY Derby.)

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Thanks for the info. We are heading to CoasterCon next weekend. *** Edited 6/8/2007 9:06:38 AM UTC by GeorgiaCoasterGuy***
Thank you very much. I am heading on my first eastbound trip this weekend. HW to SFKK and then on to Hershey.

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