Alabama Adventure becoming water park only Splash Adventure

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The new owner of Alabama Adventure plans to re-open the facility as Splash Adventure, expanding the water park portion of the venue and selling off the rides that made up the amusement park. General Attractions bought the park in January and is investing $1.5 million to add four new attractions and spruce up the park in time for a May 12 opening under the new name and aquatic focus

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Hopefully Rampage finds a new home, although I highly doubt it due to some of the terrain use, although it wasn't a whole lot. It was a great ride, so I'm glad I got my 15 or so laps on it my one visit. Wonder if they're keeping the old Cedar Point ball fountain?

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I clicked on the park link to remind me of what was there. I don't remember there being a corkscrew there. I was there in 2008 for an add on event to the Georgia ACE Convention and I think it was just Rampage, Zoomerang and Marvel Mania. If it was there, I'm sorry I missed it.

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maXairMike said:
Wonder if they're keeping the old Cedar Point ball fountain?

They are keeping the main street shops. The fountain is right at the end of main street. I think it's pretty likely that they will keep the fountain.

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I would have driven down for a spin on Rampage last fall if I had known.

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Geauga Lake South. ;-)

Overall a crappy park with a good coaster, which makes me sad the rides are going. I don't know how well Rampage has held up, we went there kinda early on, but what a waste. Put me in the doubtful camp as to whether anyone will pick it up.

Last year there was trouble there involving some unrulies, and a friend in the Birmingham area said the park kind of became the place not to be. Perhaps they see this as a way to remove the trouble makers and still stay alive.

Too bad they dont want to operate the water park with the coaster as some kind of add-on. And didn't they recently add a splash boat ride? That would be a good fit for the waterpark as well...

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I've been twice: once in 2005 and once in 2008 or so. Neither visit was great and the first (in '05) was laughably bad. The park didn't feel safe, clean, friendly, or well run in any capacity. Rampage was pretty good, but it wasn't enough to make up for the fact that everything else was actively bad. (It also didn't help that we had been at Dollywood the day before which made Visionland seem all the worse).

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We went one time, for a RRR event, and Rampage was fantastic. The rest of the park, pretty much all of it, left a lot to be desired (save for the Wave Swinger that ran at 11 - so hard it e-stopped from an imbalanced load - it ran so hard your feet felt like you were stuck in a BTR helix).

The boomerang and space shot would be perfect at michigans adventure LOL

Historically, parks that remove, or mothball their coasters in leiu of 'another' format, well, it always works out great.

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James Whitmore said:
Geauga Lake South. ;-)

So these new owners bought it just to kill it and remove competition?

(winky face)

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Agent Johnson said:
Historically, parks that remove, or mothball their coasters in leiu of 'another' format, well, it always works out great.

Hmmm, so you're suggesting we have HW's owners buy out the place after the waterpark-only format fails? ;)

In keeping with the alliterative love from Bluegrass Boardwalk, might i suggest.... "Roll-Tide Recreation"...

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