Alabama Adventure?

I have recently moved to Alabama and my Cedar Point withdrawls are kicking in. I live about 15 minutes from Alabama Adventure. The season pass prices are around $50, and I am thinking of buying one. The park only has 2 roller coasters. One is a wooden coaster, and the other is a steal coaster named Zoomerang.

I was just wondering if anyone has been to Alabama Adventure before? If so, how are their 2 coasters? Is the woodie real rough?

Also, I know this question is kinda forbidden, but how long usually are their lines for the coasters? Since they only have 2 coasters, I think that they would be pretty long. But at the same time, since it is a very small amusment park...maybe they don't have large crowds.

I'm really leaning toward buying a season pass. Because even if their coasters are crap, t's better than nothing. I think it's cool I can say, "Hey, I'm bored. I think I'll go ride a roller coaster." lol.

Anyway, thanks ahead of time. :)

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They actually have 3 coasters if you count the kiddie one.

Never been, but if you are like me and need to have a coaster-fix, you might as well get the pass.

I think they have a waterpark, too.

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When I rode Rampage (RRR event a few years' back) it was a fantastic ride. I've since heard it's fallen off to some degree, in reduced speed and increased roughness. Real shame, that was one aggressive and fun coaster. (Thinking I just said the same thing about Tsunami...hmmm).

The kiddie is a Miler, so you know that's good too. (Weirder still, I remember just saying the same thing about Miler kiddie coasters).... :)

Zoomerang is obviously a credit, but the real "hidden gem" in the park when we visited was the crazy Wave Swinger running at 11. More powerful than a BTR in terms of giving *heavy feet*. They had a Huss Breakdance as well, but it was not operating....and the rides you get on those can vary WIDELY... ;)

I don't know that I would go there when 2 hours down interstate 20 is SFOG with more coasters.
Zoomerang is a boomerang and the wood coaster has not been very well maintained.Since the last few years this park has switched hands a few times. Also this park is not open past 1 st week in august it goes into weekends only thru sept.
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^Really? Reports from this year's Rip Roarin Rampage was that the woodie is running very well.
I didn't know that their summer season ended the first week after August. That sucks. Because that is really soon.

^^ Yeah SFOG is only 2 hours away. But compare 15 minutes to 2 hours. I think I'll pick something that is 15 minutes away. lol.

I would recommend getting the season pass - $50 sounds like a lot at first but one night of "dinner and a movie" is more than that. My job takes me to Alabama about once a year and I always make the Alabama Adventure/SFOG trip. My experience is SFOG has much longer lines if that is your concern.

I love Rampage, it has always been a good coaster and a lot of fun. I always thought the location of the drop tower was pretty far out of the way but other than that the park is good for what it is - a small park with some decent rides.

I would also recommend a road trip to Guf Shores - the beach is incredible and make sure you hit Cannonball Run at Waterville USA. It is a small CCI but it's ride is much more intense than its small size lets on, and you can pay a few bucks to just ride that so it is not expensive.

The Rampage is a great coaster. It has been 2 years since I have ridden it, but it use to be one of my favorites. It is well worth your time and $50.00. Also the waterpark is small, but fun. Go enjoy a day at your new home park.
The woodie was excellent earlier this year. The boomerang is horrible; the kiddie coaster fairly typical.

Rampage rules - ride it with rednecks for extra thrill
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After attending ACE's Rip Roarin Rampage this year prior to Coaster Con, I would have to say that Rampage has a lot of potential, however, there are 3 very large pot holes on the ride. Once you know where they are, you can easily compensate for them by just pushing your self up slightly off the seat for those moments. There is some great airtime and leterals. Plus, the ride is just non-stop from begining to end. With a little work it would be in my top 10 woodies.

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Thanks everyone. I think I am going to buy a season pass and check it out for myself. :)
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Many parks offer an upgrade to a one-day ticket. If AA does, buy a single day ticket and go see what the park is like. If you enjoy it, upgrade to a season pass.
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It's hard to see, but this picture shows a banner in the background that tells you about the season pass upgrade. $39.99 with your ticket. It says "today only" but I'd be surprised if they made that banner for one a one day promotion. It's probably just refering to the fact that you have to upgrade the same day you use the ticket.

My other pics from the event.

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I've actually had 2 pretty miserable experiences at Alabama Adventure. If I lived 15 minutes away, I'd probably spring for the pass, and Rampage is quite good (not outstanding), but my experience of the service, maintanence, and atmosphere was very negative both times I went.

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