AIR continues to rise over the countryside

Posted | Contributed by Wayne_TowersTimes has just been updated with around 30 new AIR pictures taken on Sunday 28th October, the last day of the 2001 season.


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I don't know what every one else thinks but this ride looks really cool.  I hope they will build one in America.
Anyone else think that the rails in this pic ( )look a bit funny... as for the ride, sounds interesting... looks boring. JMHO.

Riding the rails from the East Coast to the West Coast *** This post was edited by CoasterBearVa on 10/31/2001. ***

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I thought the Vekoma Flying Dutchman looked slow and boring too, but I was wrong. Seeing as how this B&M ride spends a lot of time near the ground (unlike the VFD), I wouldn't be surprised if it was great.

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Thats true Jeff it looks like a great ride!  I hope a park in th U.S. builds one.  Those rails do look funny but i do believe it looks like a weird in-line-twist due to the way the rails are bent.  Almost looks like it would shake the ride up a bit.

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