AIR and Alton Towers 2002 guide added to Coaster Grotto

Posted Monday, March 25, 2002 10:04 AM | Contributed by Grant

View pics from AIR's opening week, as well as full reviews and photos of all the coasters.

Includes a special "Previous Coasters" section, and a new Alton Towers Timeline feature, tracking most of the events since 1980.

Link: Coaster Grotto

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Monday, March 25, 2002 8:37 PM

from the review I guess they made it seem like it wasn't as good as they thought it would be, and that they did point out that it was B&M's "first attempt" at a flying coaster. I personally wouldn like to ride AIR. I think it seems awesome!

Monday, March 25, 2002 9:29 PM

The first one I spoke to when he got back from the UK said," I like the Vekoma's beter " Air is just to flat.

That's his opinion of course and hey, he did both of them. I personally think when theming is completed that Air will settle itself next to the Nemisis.


Straight from the Netherlands... the overbanked hill !

Tuesday, March 26, 2002 4:25 AM
I live in the UK and rode AIR last week. Not as good as Nemesis. UK parks spend big money on short rides. There is to much theming on some rides. Alton Towers is no exception.
Tuesday, March 26, 2002 8:14 AM
[dutch mode]
TIMO EIKEL !!!!!!!
wat doe jij nou hierro ver ver weg van het Themepark forum
[dutch mode]

i'm gonna ride air this summer
don't care what others think, i just got to ride this!

Tuesday, March 26, 2002 10:18 AM
I was disappointed with Air - no comparison to Stealth at PGA. Awesome site and photos.
Thursday, August 15, 2002 4:22 AM

I think too many ppl expect air to be a really wild coaster when its supposed to be a totally different experience! personally i think air kicks ass!

im going again soon!!


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