Age doesn't stop grandfather from riding everything at Cedar Point

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Lloyd Szymanski, 87, from nearby Maumee in Ohio, is on-board for riding anything at Cedar Point, including the 420-foot tall Top Thrill Dragster. His daughter says he's the least scared of the rides in the family.

Read more from The Toledo Blade.

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There was a story in the Sandusky Register about a guy who rode TTD for the 70th time right around is 70th birthday.

My hats off to both of these young guys. I can only hope I am as energized as these guys at that age.*** This post was edited by wahoo skipper 9/11/2003 10:45:34 AM ***

Agreed. Heck, sometimes I'm not that energetic at less than half their age.

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Missy (my fiancee) and I were talking about this when we were at CP. We commented on how we'll probably still be taking coaster trips when we get in our 80's. Handicap Entrance anyone? ;)


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Good story...I wonder if this guy would adopt me as his granddaughter? ;)
I hope that I can do that when I am that old too. Way to go Lloyd.

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I wonder if I'm related to Lloyd? My mother's maiden name is Szymanski, and she grew up in Cleveland. We still have some relatives there and in Toledo, and he does kinda look like my grandfather.

Anyway kudos to Lloyd! May he live long and coaster ;)


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I tried to submit this and it wouldn't work for some reason. I figured someone else would see it sooner or later. I think its a problem with my work PC. Anyway, Moosh, Szymanski is not an uncommon name in Toledo, what with all the Polish there (myself among them before I moved). I really hope I am this gung ho when I am that age. There's a good chance I will be. My own grandfather was much the same way.
*Raises Glass* To a long and coaster-filled life!


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Wow! A great article in the Toledo "Blah" ;)

Perhaps this is the guy we all saw in line for TTD two weeks ago Greg.

If I were a part of a coaser, I would probably be an upstop pad on an Arrow Mine Train.

What an inspiring story. I love the part in the article "Is that it?" (TTD). This reminds me of when I was at Paramount's Kings Dominion last summer and was in the hour long line for Hypersonic XLC and we were towards the park of the que that goes right next to where the car shoots up the tower. Everyone starting pointing and cheering really loud and so I turned to see who was on the ride- thinking maybe someone famous...this man- had to be at least 85-90 years old was in the front seat, I am not joking, barely can keep his head up (it was kind of slumped on his right shoulder) as he watched the traffic light "countdown" to green for the air thruster to kick in. We saw his face as he came back into the station, hitting those brakes, and he had the biggest smile on his face I have ever seen! It was so cute. After my ride, which was shortly after his (maybe 2 trains) I was hoping they could bring up the on ride photo from his ride but it was too late. I wish my family had the desire for thrill rides like that...I was the first in my family to love rollercoasters. But hey, somehow, someway- I got on my first and can't stop riding and I hope that I never will- like these couragous men.
That story also reminds me of when I was at Universal and got in line on the "express" line" for Jaws where there was a very old (80's) couple. The man needed one of those devices that you bring around on a cart thing (I think it has to do with respiratory kinds of stuff). Anyway, we got on the ride with a little more than it usually takes to load the boats becasue the man was in a wheel chair. The people sat just behind us. At the end of the ride (Jaws being slautered), the man had one of the biggest smiles on his face. That was the most uplifting things on my vacation.
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It's nice to see Ed McMahon has created an alias and is enjoying the golden years!

Way to go Ed! . .I mean 'Mr. Szymanski'

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That is an awesome story! You GO Lloyd! Those who are *young at heart* rule in my book. I can only hope I am half as tolerant as Lloyd when I am his age....tackling those 2000 feet, 0 to 500 mph in .02 second coasters, while bypassing the queue with my walker heading up the handicap ramp, while my great grandkids are laughing at me when I thought Dragster was intense. "Oh come on....0 to 125? Is that it? lol. You must of been bored Nanna!" "You mean you actually got to ride coasters back then WITHOUT flight gear?"

In the meantime I am with Dawn...I would be proud to be his adoptive grandaughter. :-)


<-------thinking of the coasting possibilites in 50-60 years.

Gimme speed, height, airtime and plenty of LAUNCH*** This post was edited by coasterqueenTRN 9/13/2003 12:08:26 AM ***

Hoh Hoh Hoh (In my best Ed McMahon laugh) "Yes!"
I wonder if its the same old guy that was in front of me in line a few weeks ago sipping from a flask? Anyway I hope I have balls of steel when, if I make it to 87, which I won't.

Iron Dragon and Magnum XL-200 new? Riiight.
I just hope that I'm in half the shape this guy is in when I reach his age. Good for him.

I regret to inform you that Cedar Point's newest roller coaster, Top Thrill Dragster will not be operational today, or tomorrow or probably any day that you decide to visit our park. Please accept our apologies.

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