age and coaster riding

I noticed recently I can only go on a bout 3-4 coasters a day before my stomach starts to attempt getting rid of lunch.
I used to get in about 8-10 rides before I got enough in earlier days - I think it might be an effect of getting older.

So sad, more and more cool coasters pop up that I'd love to ride still.


Wonder if others have similar experiences, and strategies bout what to do about it.
Air sickness medication?
Breathing exercises?
:/ :\

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I've found that after putting on weight (too much! about 40 lbs in 3 yrs, meds...) I'm not as comfortable as I used to be. Looking forward to loosing it...

I also found that I've gotten nauseous on some spinning rides - that never used to affect me. I once had 110 flips on a zipper, years ago. For me, I think it's the weight - more stuff getting thrown around.

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I'm more prone to headaches and nasuea from rides as I get oldish, and have found that aspirins, ibuprofens, etc aren't always effective anymore.

What has helped, seriously, is having a beer/drink, or two. Not getting drunk, but just a light buzz. The headaches go away; so much so that I might even find Georgia Cyclone fun, and I'm much more able to enjoy the rides (still won't do a graviton, that's just asking for it).

I'm not a big drinker actually. I go out about once a week for drinks with friends, but usually less than that. I don't advocate that remedy, at all; on paper it doesn't like a great idea. But I can't deny it works like a charm for me, every time.

Thankfully, I'm not in AA, or I'd probably ride a lot less...

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I created a thread similar to this one over at Point Buzz a couple years back. I feel your pain and share your worries.

Dramamine / Bonine has helped somewhat, but I've found that my body has naturally conditioned itself the more I ride in a season. In other words, I have the biggest problem with motion sickness the first trip of the year and continued problems if I only make a couple park trips all year.

But, last year I probably made a dozen amusement park trips. By the latter part of the season, I wasn't getting very sick after a whole day anymore. In conclusion, if you want more comfortable rides, marathon maXair until you puke. ;) If you keep at it, eventually a ride or two will seem like nothing. :)

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When I was a kid we'd hit the state fair midway and ride every spinny, flippy ride over and over. The only ill effects that ever came were later that night when the bed seemed to be in constant motion, and actually?... I kinda liked that too!

Ok, fast forward 40-some years later to find me at the fabulous Florida State Fair midway, with just about every thrill ride you can find in North America these days. My partner wasn't interested in riding, but I wasn't about to miss it. I purchased a POP wristband, which I thought was pricey at around 36 bucks, so I decided to set a personal challenge to see if I could get my bill down to a dollar a ride. Up and down the midway I went, trying just about every coaster, major, and spectacular I came across and was having a ball... until... I took a ride on Power Surge (Zamperla) and whoops. The guys in the seats across from me musta noticed something because they finally said, "um, gonna be ok?" and I said "yes... I mean," So they spent the rest of the ride looking at each other nervously (I was across from them, after all) while I prayed the ride would stop. It finally did, I hit the ground and went directly behind the ride, found a bench and laid down while the earth relentlessly continued to turn under me. No pukeage that day, thank you, but an hour later I was still trying to recover, disheartened by the realization that age had taken it's toll.

As for my personal challenge, I made it, but no thanks to the Tango, Space Roller, Magnum, or Storm. No, it was the the drop tower, funhouses, darkrides, and sky ride that finally got me there. Dammit...

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