Aerial view photos of Holiday World/the Voyage

do they exist? Im not talking about bing or google satellite because they don't show the voyage finished. If I could view any park in the world in its present incarnation, it would be Holiday World. Its too bad I can't find any photos.

I wish that pilot who flies on the east coast taking snapshots of amusement parks (mainly Great Adventure) could somehow make a trip to Indiana.

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I always been interested in seeing HW post-Voyage aerial photos too. I've never been able to locate any.

Voyage is complete on Bing maps, it's just not close enough to see it very well.

If you switch from Bird's eye view to aerial and back you can see HW before and after..It appears that bing has a different dated picture depending on which view you use!

I remember a long time ago when there was Aerial Perspective by Wayne Stuber, I believe his name was. He had some great shots of coasters everywhere. That is how I got an aerial shot of The Bat at KI. He also did stadiums as well.

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^Yeah - that was some great stuff they put out! It was called coaster of the month club, or something like that. Way before internet, and 100 coaster groups... He passed away a couple years ago.


Might have to contact ACE and see if anyone has connections with the family. Would be nice to made those photos available. I know back then, he went to events and had a table set up a albums full of photos to look through and you could choose which ones you were interested in and order an 8 x 10

I think I also bought one of Beast and Texas Giant.

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That a pretty impressive video!

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