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I have one day in Fl and I have a choice between Animal Kingdom or Busch Gardens. I have been to Busch Gardens a few years ago but it was rainning and we didn't stay very long. What park should we go to and why?
You have to give more information than that.
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Unless you're starving for more Busch Gardens, I'd go somewhere new, in this case, Animal Kingdom.

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I don't really care myself I'm more into coasters but my boyfriend is just trying to do something special for me. I had a baby 4 months ago so over the last year we were not able to ride anything so we are looking forward to getting out. We will be in FL with family for a few days but will only have one day with a baby sitter for us to go out.
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If you want to ride I would say Busch, if you want something new you can't go wrong with Animal Kingdom...

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I'd hit Busch. Get both Animals and lots of coasters and rides. Aniaml kingdom 1 big coaster and lots of animals. Good luck!


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It depends if you want high thrills but he chance of half the park shut down go to Busch Gardens or if you want family fun with some good attractions go to Animal Kingdom.

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Dont underestimate Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom, that ride is intense!!!
When are you going? Montu is about to go down for rehab in a few weeks.

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oh my god i loved animal kingdom. it was pretty new when i went and that place, more than anywhere, has stayed in my memory as the really, really amazing place out of the 4 parks at disney (although i love them all!) can't speak for everest since it was long before it's time when i went, but the safari ride alone was worth the trip there.

that being said, i'd love to hit bucsh gardens as well on my next trip

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BG all the way!
The Everest ride is ok,but not memorable in my opinion. You cant go wrong with Busch Gardens if you are looking for thrills. The Rhino Ralley thing which is a smaller version of the safari ride at Animal Kingdom, and I mean Smaller, that is fun. There is seldomly a crowd at Busch Gardens and the longest waits are usually only about 10-20 minutes. Busch Gardens is one coaster less but this time its probably in the best interest of your brain. Animal Kingdom is up one, and the Primivial Whirls are fun but make you extremely sick. Then again Busch Gardens has Montu B&M, Shiekra also B&M and amazing if I might add, Kumba another B&M which is extremely intense, Cheetah Chase which is ok, nothing special, and Scorpion, which is a ton of fun. Also the theming is pretty much equal with a little slant towards Animal Kingdom just because it is a Disney Park. The one waterride at Animal Kingdom is fun and nicely themed, but the three(pretty sure there might be more) are all fun. Then animals and gardens at Busch Gardens in my opinion are more open to the public and are everywhere around you. So as you can see I am more biased towards Busch Gardens but there is reason to that. But if that doesnt sell you they offer free beer at a place in Busch Gardens and I hope this is useful

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I haven't been to Animal Kingdom yet, but Busch Gardens is loads of fun. Fantastic, lush, tropical theming throughout the park, a solid line-up of coasters, and lots of animals. I went two years ago, when Sheikra was still being built, and had an absolute blast.

My mom (yes, I'm 39 and I still go on trips to parks with my mother...she's the only one in the family who isn't chicken s***) talked me into doing the special tour where you get to feed the mega-fauna. I didn't want to do it because I didn't want to sacrifice two hours of ride time, but it's the part I remember the most about the trip. Standing on the back of a truck, feeding and petting giraffes was one of the absolute coolest experiences of my life. It costs a good bit but it's worth every penny of it.

And do not miss Scorpion. We went in February when it was dead, and they let us re-ride as long as we wanted. :) The only 'family' looping coaster I've ever been on.

dude that sounds really cool!
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I went earlier this year for the first time to both BGA and to Animal Kingdom. IMHO, for the amount of money, BGA was much much more fun. I had to pay for a multi day / park hopper option to get the most out of the Disney parks. BGA, which can be done in one day, of course cost much much less. Animal Kingdom has just a few coasters, and BGA has quite a few coasters. They also have quite a few relaxing/cooling options too.

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