Advice for a first-time trip to Silver Dollar City

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Hi CoasterBuzzers:

I am planning my first trip to Silver Dollar City in May for two days, and I have already made reservations at the Wilderness Campground. I am looking for advice on:

1) Where to eat (inside the park and out)

2) What to ride

3) Any shops that are can't miss (inside the park and out)

Any other tips and suggestions are gladly welcome, we will have three evenings in town so if there are any cool bars to check out, that would also be good to know.

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Don't miss Yakov Smirnoff.


Don't miss the cave.

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Don't miss Yakov Smirnoff in the cave.

Yokov is broke. They can't get him to work right.

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Down by the river, just past the train station, there's a very cool "boardwalk-y type mall" called the Landing, or Riverwalk. Lots of cool shops and stuff, anchored by one of the "outfitter" places (Bass Pro I think?). But there's nice music and I seem to recall some sort of fire/water show - nothing grand or spectacular, but fun and mildly entertaining. Also lots of food and "adult beverage" options down there. I'd like to give you a review on the train itself, but it broke down when we were visiting and we never got to ride.

In the park - ride everything - do NOT skip "Shootout at the Flooded Mine." Enjoy the artisans and craftspeople - they're what make the HFEC properties quaint and unique.

1) early in the morning go past the tempting bakery and instead stop by the apple shop, in the group of cabins near the square, and get a hot apple turnover with SDC's famous apple butter on top. So delicious.That apple butter is the best I've ever tasted and I'm from Ohio.
Do you like buffets? SDC has several and theyre good for breakfast and lunch.
New this year is a pizza restaurant. We haven't tried it yet, of course, but I bet they're taking a cue from the one at Dollywood. If so, expect huge slices.
Outside the park try the Landing for outdoor mall atmosphere shopping, and bars and restaurants. A few are of the chain variety and a few are not.
Do you like authentic frozen custard? On the Branson strip is a place called Andy's, and the custard concoctions are good. Dips, sundaes, shakes, and concretes. Yum.

2) Ride everything, and I'm not kidding. You'll get em all in two days and have time to go back for seconds. Don't miss the train or the cave.

3) Hit the shops as you come across em. Some of the highest quality hand crafted stuff I've seen. The woodworkers and the glass blowers and the candy makers all put on little shows which are informative and entertaining.
Check the SDC schedule for the festival that's scheduled for that time. Something tells me it's international. Anyway, the festival always gives extra shopping opportunities. I like the Harvest Festival in the fall, great artists and craftsmen and western music.

Don't forget the shows, too. There's a good one in the amphitheater at the park's closing time. Like everything else there the shows are home spun, but fun.

Have a great time. I have a season pass this year, now i just have to find a good time to go!

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Thanks for all the great suggestions, I am even more excited about my trip now.

"We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us."
-Joseph Campbell

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