Advice after learning about CF's silly platinum pass policies

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I just went to the Dorney site to renew my 2010 pass (not sure if I'll have the chanceduring the PPP trip), and it seems they'll renew online @ 145 without even having to show up in person. If this works out properly *fingers crossed*, this could be the easiest CF pass renewal I've ever had...

Last year's CP fiasco trying to renew was Halloween-style nightmarish...

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rollergator said:
Last year's CP fiasco trying to renew was Halloween-style nightmarish...

Maybe for the haunted house tour at BooBuzz, they can instead give a tour of the season pass office. :)

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^Sweet! As long as they make sure that one "gentleman" is still there, I know I'll get the chills....worst.customer.service.EVER!

On the good news front, my Dorney PP renewal seemed to go thru like clockwork...can't wait to see how it turns out next Spring. One thing is certain: no matter which CF park comes first, I'm keeping my printed receipt handy. ;)

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RideMan said:
Maybe what they should do to be fair about it is pool all of the platinum pass revenue, then distribute it to all the parks based not on the number of passes sold, but based on the number of admittances.

I've been saying that from the start. It offers the best customer experience, and it reflects a spread of the cost in direct relationship to where I visit. Granted, a visit to Michigan's Adventure wouldn't cost the company the same amount as a visit to Cedar Point, but even then, if they're that passionate about it, they can weight it.

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