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There's a trailer on-line for the amusement-park-set movie ADVENTURELAND all around the interweb. The youtube version is here. The trailer makes the flick look kinda meh (IMO)... but there's a lot of gratuitous Kennywood footage, and that's a good thing!!

It's nice to see the Midway Refreshment stand get a lot of screen time (as that was the stand i worked in) and personally, the biggest laugh was the "Smile! You're going on Stage!" sign in the background for a couple of shots....i saw those signs countless times when I worked at KW back in the mid 90's.

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It was nice to see Kennywood. Any time a park makes it into a movie it's a good thing, let alone be the star of the movie.

Cool hearing the Femmes in the trailer. Just wish somebody somewhere would see fit to use some other song than 'Blister in the Sun'. The band actually has a whole catalog of songs -- hard to believe.

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I know! Sometimes a random song that hasn't been used a million times before can really make a movie trailer (and the song too -- just as MIA and her Paper Planes never heard that on the radio until they used it in the Pineapple Express trailer)...but i suppose that's a discussion for another message board.... :)

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Looks hilarious. I originally thought that it was based on Adventureland in Iowa.

It sure is no Wally World though

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It actually looks pretty funny. I will definitely check it out when it's released. They couldn't have picked a better park!


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