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Adventureland USA
Altoona, Iowa
June 17th 2001
First off I will say that this park is terrible to find coming from 163, the turn to get to Altoona is barely marked and that makes it even harder to find, however if you make it to I-80, it's easy to find.

I was most impressed with the parking fee $3, behind SDC's free parking, this is the most reasonable charge I have found (comparing to SF parks' $10). The admission was also reasonable $24, and with coupon even less. (NICE)

Now onto the rides, I will use the 0 to 5+ system consisting of the pattern 0, 1-, 1, 1+, 2-, 2, 2+, etc with 5+ being best to rate the rides.
2 rides (front right, back left)

This ride is very different. The bunny hops to the lift hill make the rider ask "why?" However what can you expect when a "flume makng company" builds a coaster? [OD Hopkins] The ride is fun but way too short. The G's experienced in the double loops is pretty powerful and then the helix finishes you off.

8 rides (all over)

A CCI gem and is by far worth the $24 admission just to ride this (with no lines mind you). The coaster has NO straight drops (well maybe a couple) which adds to the out of control feeling. Very smooth for a woodie and very well maintained, some of the larger chains should take pointers.

3 rides (front left & right, back left)

A very well maintained out and back that is as smooth as butter. So much fun. These coasters are so much better when you can actually put your hands up with out getting jarred to death by roughness.

2 rides

A fun CCI scenic railway, and something I feel WOF desperately needs. The only thing this ride lacks is a decent drop and FIRE IN THE HOOOOOOOOLE. :)

Other Rides:
Saw Mill Splash 5+
People have been dogging this ride, but I enjoyed it, a lot. It's not too short, it could be longer, but it is a lot of fun. I still want one at WOF.

River Rapids Log Flume 4-
Derrijk got drenched on this one. I like the unique and kind of long layout. The funny thing about the ride is, we got the wettest on the first drop, not the big one.

Raging River 4+
A very fun and well done rapids ride. Everyone on our boat got wet. The waterfall at the end is almost impossible to miss.

Space Shot 4+
Not as powerful as Detonator, but still a lot of fun, I think it is taller though.

Some other rides that I rode that I thought were fun:
Inverter, Mixer, G-Force, Lady Luck, Dodge 'Em, and Himalaya.

I know I am forgetting some others, but I don't want this TR to grow into a monster.

Overall park rating 5-
The only thing this park could use is a real STEEL coaster. Their wood is great and I wish other parks would follow suit. Their flat ride collection is superb and is up to date. My favorite part of the entire park is the skyride which goes thro' trees. I will be heart broken if that ever gets removed.


(In cyberspace no one can hear you scream)

I am glad you had a good time at Adventureland. Its a very nice, little park that is overlooked somtimes. I agree about how good their woodies are and how they need another steel coaster. The park is very nice and if you like flat rides well they have a ton.

Favorite Wood: Viper at SFGAM,Shivering Timbers
Favorie Steel: Magnum and Raging Bull

Last year on the log flume, I got completely drenched on that little first drop. When the log made its way into the flume, a small tidal wave landed in my lap.

Yep that's exactly what happened to my brother.

(In cyberspace no one can hear you scream)

We were at adventureland weds and had a great time, We skipped out on the evening and left about 3pm to go see the Steam Train arrive up in Marshaltown IA.

Right on time the UP 4-6-6-4 arrived to a huge crowd.

Look for my TR's soon

Chuck, who is still trying to think of a name for his trip that included 2 new top tier coasters and also got to ride Deja Vu while many locals still have not :)

Charles Nungester
Lesourdsville Lake, The great American amusement park opens the season June 6th Thurs-Sun every week. Park phone is (513)539-2193

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