Adventureland Long Island & Rabitt Show

I will make this quick. The plan was to attend the Long Island Rabbit Breeders Show with my son and then head over to Adventureland for a couple of rides.

Weather - Sunny, some breeze and light jacket friendly temperatures.

The park was busy - but not very crowded. Most of the activitiy was in the kiddie ride area (as expected - with thier new additions). When I saw the cost per ticket as one dollar and that each ride was either 3 to 5 tickets, I figured that we'll go on one ride, walk around, grab a snack and head out.

Preflux love waterparks more than amusement parks, so it was natural for him to choose adventureland falls as his ride. I figured...what the heck, it's sunny enough and we won't get too wet.

As we were boarding the boat, a young girl and her friend asked if they would be able to join us - since she was under 48 inches. I asked her where her parents were. "They said it's ok." No parents were around, and as a teacher I never feel comfortable riding with other adults' young children. "I''m sorry," I said as we were leaving the station.

The ride itself is a pleasant layout with a decent drop...and the after-splash brought more water than expected. I also learned that I had a small hole in my sneaker. In July, this would have been welcomed. In was too much.

Then I realized they never took my tickets. Our next ride was the wave swinger. We waited one lap for a double seat and we were off. the ride had some nice movement - but my clothes reminded me that they were still wet. There is also an announcemnt that counts down from 5 till lift off. By the way...the ride had two ride ops who checked my son to see if he was tall enough. (He was.) Again,,,they forgot to take my tickets.

Ok...Music Express. It starts up nicely...stays mid range...kicks up for about 3 laps and then slows down. I felt it was too short a cycle and no reverse.

Related Stuff:

The bathroom by the fudge shop was very clean and there was a security guard on hand by the exit to stop people from crossing the train tracks when the train approached.

Wristbands were about $22.00 each - which was fine...but not needed for the one or two rides I was planning on going on. There is a Season's Pass Deal this year...which I thought was odd for this park.

A soft pretzel and a medium coke set me back 4 bucks. The pretzel had the perfect balance of "hot, soft and crusty." It had a ton of salt that we quickly brushed off. I never cared for the food at the restaurant, but this was a nice change.

The employees were very polite and the park itself was clean. A few new kiddie rides are here which "look new" and almost every possible space is used now for food, upcharge attractions and retail.

There was a lady in the souvineer shop who had the hugest arms I ever saw. She looked like Popeye after downing a can of spinich.

THe frisbee ride looks like it spins very fast as it swings. Perhaps twice the spin of Fandango at Kneobels.

Thanks for reading. I will provide a brief report about the Rabbitt Show that took place not too far away.

I am not a pet owner. My hours would make it hard to care for a pet and everyone in my family gets that. My son has always had a fondness for rabbits and we go to this event at Bethpage State Park every year.

First of all...most of you are familiar with the Westminster Dog Show. It's a huge international event. Apparently, there are people who are equally passionate about pet rabbits and this is thier regional super bowl.

Breeders from all over the tri-state area meet to have their bunnies judged. As an outsider...I can honestly tell you that I have no idea how these animals are different from each other. There are lop eared...angora...tiny ones...big Flemish Giants. But all in all they are cute... they are in cages and a lot of them are for sale.

I konw there are a lot of ads and messages telling people to give chocolate bunnies for Easter and to remember that owning a pet rabbitt is a big responsibility...but the irony is that they hold this show every year at this time as Easter approaches. I will say that the animals are well cared for.

I wonder if there is an organization for goldfish breeders.

Anyway the park offers baseball games played using rules and uniform styles of the 19th century and they offer a "historic villiage" experience including farm animals.

Thanks for reading this.

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I would have given them my tickets after the first ride and called it a day. I am assuming that not many would.

"Excuse me, Sir. You forgot to take my tickets before we rode." (lol at myself for being that way...)

Bunny show? That sounds like strange fun. I'm sometimes amused at rarely-known hobbies, because it reminds me of my own coaster hobby. To each his own. lol.

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Best ride there is the Water Whip! Can't believe more parks don't have this quirky interactive attraction. You stand (yes it's a standup flat ride!) on gators/crocs and are pulled around a circular dock out on a lagoon. You control a rudder that makes your gator swing out and whip around similar to a traditional whip, but there is a waterfall you have to steer around or you'll get drenched. Such a fun ride!

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

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^They're crocodiles ;) And it is an absolutely FABULOUS ride! Still miss their TopScan though...

When I read the title, I thought it was about an Eddie Rabbitt(sp?) show...LOL!

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

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Just go back to England, Gator. Seems like every park there had a Top Scan.

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

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^But only Fantasy Island has "The Beast". Pure delicious insanity - run in Coney mode. :)

The gator whip or croc pull or whatever you want to call it is a fun ride...but I didn't want to get any more wet than we already were.

RollerGator - - - > I mentioned a few times over the years, I am a big country fan. (I prefer the older stuff to the newer.) Sadly, Eddie Rabbitt passed away (well before his time) in 1998. I met him a few times and even interviewed him while I was working for Westwood 1 and he was a very nice guy. (Great performer and songwriter too!)

I found a video from a bunny show from another location that was very similar to what I saw on Long Island on April 9. Here is the link:

It's a very unusual event to attend if you aren't in the "bunny biz."

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

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