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Thursday, October 21, 2004 11:43 AM
I agree JW about the Super Screamer, that was a cool ride and don't forget the Flitzer that was torn down for the ferris wheel.

Personally I liked the church music but everyone has their own opinion.

The hotel has expanded and it is always packed when I drive by or am visiting the park. You used to be able to park there and take the trolley over but now you have to get a wristband to ride over on the trolley.

I think it would be sweet to have CF buy them out but we can dream, that would be sweet to have 3 CF parks within 7 hours of each other (Shakopee to Altoona to KC), I would definitely buy a season pass for that.

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Thursday, October 21, 2004 7:42 PM
jw, you got that right about Super Screamer. It was a shame to see the Super Screamer and also the FLitzer remvoed, for a couple crappy flats. The ferris whell could have gone anywhere, but should have never replaced a good coaster. Unfortunately ADVL bought the hype that was The Inverter and Mixer, which both have been incredibly dissapointing rides, and the proof can be seen with nearly always walk ons on those rides. Inveter is fun, but can be painful if you don't know hwo to ride it right, and the Mixer is just plain boring.

I liked the idea of the church being put in. A lot of old folks and church groups come to the park, and having something for them to enjoy is a good idea. I'm sure it cost hardly nothing for them to add it in, and wastes no space so it isn't really a big deal.

The hotel is always packed with people, and I think the additions were great, what a fun hotel! The trend in amusement parks is to become a resort where people can stay for days at a time, which in turn means more money spent at their park, which is why ADVL forked over the cash to upgrade the hotel.

Can't agree with you about rude employees, every time I have been there, they have gotten better and better. Usually the ones that get rude is because someone was breaking the rules, and they are probably a bit ticked off. But I'vep ersonally never seen that.

I do agree however, they really need a new full size coaster. It would be a huge plus for the park, and would get Iowans and other coaster fans talking, and would definitely boost their attendance up. I know the park can afford a good coaster, they have spent 6 million on The Underground, over 7 million on the upgraded hotel, and have spent many millions more on other rides in the last 10 years. I'd personally like to see Morgan build a hyper with some good airtime. S&S has some great coaster technology. I doudt they could afford a B&M, since right now B&M is feeding off the big coporate parks. At the very least, I'd like to see a woodie of the likes of Thunderhead, or a big air time woodie like Avalanche. A steel coaster is almsot a must however, Dragon just isn't good anymore, the roughness is insane, and the ride way too short.

I'd be interested what their 3 to 5 year plan is for the park. I know Cewdar Fair has to have ADVL high on their list of parks they want to own. ADVL has tons of land, much of it unused (look behind Outlaw for tons of open land ow ned by the park), or has the campground on it. The park is doing financially well, and is in an excellent location.

Friday, October 22, 2004 3:47 AM
I wish Cedar Fair would buy up Adventureland, but i actually heard that they don't have much land. Even though I agree that there are large chunks of land around the park, an employee told me that ADVL doesn't own it.
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Friday, October 22, 2004 4:12 AM
There was an accident on the Super Screamer during its last season at Adventureland. My friend's girlfriend's sister (yes, I know this sounds like a Dip 'n Dots rumor) was seriously injured when the brakes apparently stopped the train too quickly. I guess she bit through her lip and messed up her back pretty badly. Anyhow, there was a lawsuit (duh..), so maybe that is why the Screamer was removed. As for Flitzer...what the hell were they thinking? That coaster had the longest wait of any of the coasters. Man, I was bummed when the removed it, circa 1991. But this has been much talked about by several of us on here already. :)

Anyhow, I think the Dragon would be fine for the park if they replaced the train with something decent and lose the OTSR's. It is short, but a decent layout for a small looper...better than an Arrow corcscrew anyway. But I'd really like to see a small B&M inverted over the water and a Shivering Timbers out & backer along the river bank running along the railroad tracks there. Also, we NEED some Flyers, baby! It's about the only spinning ride I candle anymore. After riding Spinning Dragons at WOF last weekend, now I want one of those too. That would be a great addition for Adventureland. But I hope the go for something BIG first.

Man, I really hope they didn't spend $6 million for the Underground...what a waste. I like the ride; don't get me wrong, but it's not worth anywhere near that much of an investment, considering Outlaw cost around $2 million and Dragon was around $2.5 million (from ACE News).

-Matt in Iowa
Friday, October 22, 2004 9:30 AM
I just went on the Mixer on one of the last days the park was open, and, it was boring. It looked really cool, but it just goes too slow, and you're hanging upside down for a long time. It really hurt my legs, because of the restraints.

Also, have you noticed how much it breaks down? I think it's a restraint sensor problem, because it will get to its top point, where it's about to hang you upside down, and then slowly come down, and the Ride Ops will have to push it to its loading/unloading position.

The Sidewinder was great though- very disorienting. However, I agree that they need a new coaster... a Schwarzkopf would fit right in. :)

Friday, October 22, 2004 7:06 PM
Ooops my mistake about Underground, it was actually a 2 million dollar invesement by CCI. Must have been half asleep when I wrote that! The hotel invesement according to the ADVL website was 8 million. Think if they used 8 million to build a great coaster, they could do a lot with that!

Yup, the Mixer blows, bub the 2 days I was up there earlier thsi year, the park was so dead I had to ride the Mixer twice just to have somethnig to do. Not fun! I told the ride op they really need to go to Germany where the Flitzer now resides, and pack it up and brign it home, because it is a 100 times more fun then the Mixer or Inverter. I was dissapointed the 2 days I was u pther,e the G-Force was down bot hdays. Why couldn't it have been the opposite?


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