Adventureland - Long Island - Saturday, April 19 - Short Visit

I spent about and hour and a half at Adventureland today with my son.

The weather was picture perfect and a thin sweatshirt was all that was needed on this fantastic day.

The park was clean, not to crowded, (but building) as we were leaving.

Crowd was mostly families with one or two cycle waits. (Quite a few parents and grandparents just sitting and not riding).

Cycles on flats were fair...about a minute and a half at top speed...with music express much longer.

We only did two rides:

Swings - typical swing ride. Fun!

Spinning Cars: This is billed as a kiddie ride, but it had some torque to it. This is sort of like a Rockin' Tug. There are four sets of three seats that face the middle on a round platform. (I do have to admit that the seat was small or that I was large). On any case it rocks back and forth on a "U" shaped track and after the platform spins in one direction it reverses back and forth. The spin isn't too rough...but it lets you know that it is doing something.

Another new ride that they had (but we didn't go on) was the Drop N Twist Tower. This ride goes up a little tower and then moves a little in a circular motion. It doesn't do full 360s at any speed, but it looked like a toy Mach Tower (From Bush Gardens Virginia).

Wristbands were sold or inividual tickets can be used. (I used a few that I had in my truck from last year and the girl on the swings didn't ask for them.) I left the park with 16.

Food And Drink:

A bottle of water, a pretzel and a kosher hot dog were 3 bucks each. I was impressed with the array of condiment dispensors, except that there was no ketchup. I asked for some and I was told the the bag in the dispensor was ripped and that they could give me some in a cup.

"And this is how you spend your day and your entire summer vacation...dolling out ketchup."

"At least for now."

Adventureland is a place where you can really spend a couple of hours, have a decent time or just take your kid on a couple of rides.

Everyone there looked to be enjoying themselves and staff and security were everywhere.

Thanks for reading this.

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

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