Adventureland - Long Island - June 1, 2013 - Quick Visit

I felt a little guilty because I couldn't take Preflux to Dorney with my school on Friday, so after a visit to our local town's indoor pool, dinner at a decent diner, an hour of throwing rocks and looking for wild rabbitts near the Jones Beach Fishing Piers, we headed over to Adventureland for a couple of quick rides before heaing home.

I hadn't been there in about 2 years and it was time to re-visit.

We got to the back gate - paid for 20 ride tickets, hit the sort-of-clean bathroom and just started looking around.

Is it me...or is the park now better lit? I was impressed with the lighting - especially that of the ferris wheel and it seemed like some of dated kiddie rides were upgraded.

We hit the swings and the new ride that is borderline family / kiddie at the front of the park that looks like a smaller version of Moby Dick or Catch a Wave. What was interesting about this was that the ride operator was controling the ride manually. He would change directions and speed by rotating the dial on the lower right hand side of the control pannel.

I thought that was interesting, because most of these (I would assume) are pre-programmed.

We walked around for a while (nice crowd) and then stopped by for a couple of pretzels (2 bucks each) on the way out. (A little stale...but good.)

Adventureland is not a place to visit to spend the entire day. But for a couple of hours on a summer's a nice place to stop.

BONUS: The ride ops on both rides forgot to ask for or take tickets. we can now do this again gratis.

DOUBLE BONUS: Pre-flux had his first not sitting with dad ride on the swings. He was a little nervous...but enjoyed it. Adventureland is a good transition park for kiddie land people getting ready for family rides. I do wish they could bring back Surf Dance. (Sigh...)

It was a nice night.

Thanks for reading this.

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Why didn't you do POP? That only costs $5 more than $20 worth of ride tickets. $20 of ride tickets gets you probably 5 rides. POP you could get a lot.

I normally would have done that, but we only had time for a couple of rides.

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Oh, I understand. It sounds like you had fun, and the food prices at the place sound cheap.

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Is the alligator ride still there (name escapes me)? You basically have what amounts to a circular jet-ski, where you can weave in and out, get a little or a lot wet depending on your preference, and power-slide at will. The only other one I've seen was at Legoland, and I still think it was one of the best wet-dry adult-child rides I've seen. Fun for everyone!

Rollergator - - - > The gators are still there and they are still quite a bit of fun. It's an attraction I have yet to see duplicated anywhere else that I've been.

Overall, Adventureland packs a decent amount of stuff on their limited amount of land.

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