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A new roller coaster with a 70-foot drop and negative G forces will replace the flume ride this year at Circus Circus. Construction will begin in a few weeks for the El Loco roller coaster. Only the second of its kind in the United States, the coaster should be speeding with screaming riders under the pink Adventuredome by December.

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Was originally going to post that this looks like Steel Hawg, but that makes too much sense, considering it is an El Loco like Steel Hawg. Getting bad when I can just look at pictures of rides I've never been on from not-as-well-known designers and identify them. I may have a problem.

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The El Loco in the UK (Mumbo Jumbo) was slightly larger than the IB version, which was modified to fit in the space...

Happy Valley's "Angry Birds" will be the same as MJ, apparently....wonder if the AdventureDome ride will have to be adjusted as well...?

Sadly another log flume bites the dust. Next to coasters these are my favourite rides in parks and seem to be getting harder to find. The maintenance, staffing and operating costs combined with super low capacity are probably the management concerns with these.

I go back and forth on the log flumes. I don't really care for them if there is a long line and I know I'm not going to get wet, but some are still a lot of fun. I still like Thunder Creek Mountain at Dorney a lot, but I absolutely detest the log flume at Great Adventure. Also not a fun one: Dudley Do-Right (or whatever the name is at IOA). Just kinda depends on the quality and comfort.

Is it just me, or is an indoor log ride kind of...weird?

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

Rim Runner wasn't a log flume, it was a shoot-the-chutes style boat ride with 20 passengers per boat

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Bunky, did you just say that Dudley Do-rights Rip Saw Falls is not a fun flume? I will disagree 100% with you there. It is one of the best anywhere.

I wish these El Loco coasters would become a little more popular. They look like a lot of fun.

I never had a reason to go back to Adventuredome until now! Don't get me wrong, it was a really cool and fun place when I was there in 1995. The El Loco at Indiana Beach is a great ride, and this one will be only lap bars :) even better! I read somewhere that this one will only be 75' tall. Anyone know more?

The black with neon green looks good! I think the Arrow Corkscrew that was once at the defunct Old Chicago had a neon green and black train, which I thought looked so cool as a kid. Retro memories :)

Travis: Why yes I DID say Dudley was not great. I found it very uncomfortable to sit in in that weird position and it had some really jolt-y moments. Was not my thing. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't the worst one I have ever ridden (Great Adventure's takes that honor so far), but it just wasn't that enjoyable to me.

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Dudley is a fun ride but the boat itself is a little restrictive. I remember riding it at night and my wife upon exiting banged her knee on one of the metal restraints in the boat. That was not a fun walk back to the car to say the least.

As for the flume at the Adventuredome, I wonder if it has anything to do with the amount of water lost each time a boat goes down the hill. I was there this summer and was amazed at how wet everything was around the area despite having plexiglass windows blocking most of the water from escaping the "lagoon." To me it was also a bit of an eyesore because of the salt residue and plexiglass being so old.

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Well, I haven't been to the park since they added the new restraints to Dudley Do-right's Rip Saw Falls, so my opinion might change the next time I get there. I would think that they are necessary because of the big drop though. When I worked at the park, it was not uncommon to see someone come off the ride with a bloody nose because of the intensity of the drop.

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I've said it before - I'm 5'10", and getting into the "new" Dudley takes quite a bit of contortion to board. Would be helpful if my knees operated backwards. Still one of the best flumes around IMO (I'm a big fan of the theming)...but seriously WAY more uncomfortable since the retrofitting.

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Agreed that once you're in it, it's fine, but getting in is strange regardless of your proportions. My wife is only 5'3" and she found it slightly difficult.

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I don't know if I'd ever go back to the Adventuredome after my last visit. I just don't feel good about going to a place where there is a fight going on everytime you go around a corner.

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Glad to see rim runner go. Getting wet is fun in the sun, but in a climate controlled, humid (in part due to the lagoon area), indoor 72 degrees or so, it took forever to dry out (if you did at all).

This is a way better use for that space; looking forward to many more visits. Wish they had planned it to open by October, for Frightdome. Riding this in the dark haze strikes me as fun.

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