Adventure Island lifeguard struck dead by lightning

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Officials are investigating the death of an Adventure Island employee struck by lightning Saturday morning. The employee, Justin Inversso of Dade City, had been working at Key West Rapids water slide. He was a lifeguard supervisor at the park.

Read more from St. Petersburg Times.

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The guy who said following the lightning hit at Discovery Cove that he was surprised it didn't happen more often spoke too soon, unfortunately. Given the technology the park had, it seems impossible for this to even happen. I guess mother nature had her own ideas.

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Unfortunately I think technology is starting to hurt...or at least we've become too reliant on it. I have no idea what happened in this case. But, in my parks I've been witness to people not seeking shelter during lightning because our alarm system didn't activate. (That can happen for a number of reasons.) I'll approach them and ask why they are still on the ball fields and they'll say, "there was no horn".

Uh, you can SEE the lightning. Forget the damn horn and find shelter.

Again, don't know the situation at BG but I can certainly think of several situations that could have led to this.

People have been hit by Lightning from Storms 20 miles away. Literally, a "Bolt from the Blue". If you can hear Thunder, you are within Striking Distance, and you should seek shelter IMMEDIATLY!

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During the West Virginia/Marshall game in Morgantown the weather was extremely unstable with the game being delayed three times due to the presence of lighting within the "safe" perimeter. They had evacuated the stadium each time, but apparently there was someone who didn't heed the order. While he wasn't hit directly, the concussion was enough to knock him for one serious loop. They finally called the game after seven hours of on and off play.

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Back in my high school days I worked at a driving range, and we had one guy who refused to leave the range despite a serious lightning storm overhead. When we finally yelled at him to get out of there, he told us he thought there would be an air horn if it got to be unsafe...

Ever since then I've been a big advocate of Darwinism.

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