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Friday, March 16, 2001 9:12 AM
Trip Report: Adventure City
Stanton, CA
March 10, 2001
After negotiating our way back from Belmont Park, and learning that the Beach Blvd. exit off the 5 was down for maintenance (Grrr) we negotiated several side streets and found our way back to Beach Blvd. Adventure City is about a mile or so beyond Knotts's. We soon arrived at the park to find the parking lot pretty full, so full that we had to go to the overflow lot, and hunt for a space in it. But soon we were walking along the stores of Hobby City and locating the park admission gate. Using some coupons we found we soon entered the park. (Normally $11.95 admission, free parking). We first took a walking tour of the park and decided that the park is a fantastic place, for those guests under 12 years of age. I mean this is the kind of kiddie land that makes me scream out "Why didn't they have this when I was a kid" Sooner or later we headed to the only 'adult' ride in the park, the Tree Top Racers. It should be noted that the Tree Top Racers are not mentioned on the parks web site, and are placed out of the way of the rest of the attractions.

Curious, and after a short wait (5-10 minutes), we were being shown to separate cars. Restraint is by means of a seat belt, and the operators told us to keep our hands down and inside the car. We'd soon learn why. We proceeded to take a spin on this 1955 vintage Miler Wild Mouse. I really do like the original mice better than the new generation. The hairpin turns seem to be that much sharper the drops that much more severe. There are several great headchooper moments, and the ride in general gets the nod for its fun value. After our second ride we learned that the weight of the passenger can have great effect. I'm about 30 pounds heavier than Eric, and both of us were a lot heavier than the kids who were riding it. We noted that Eric's 'car' moved through the course a lot faster than the kids cars were, and when I stepped in the car, the loader gave a special signal to the unloader. Eric claims I really flew through the course.

Tree Top Racers - Coaster # 159

We then relaxed for a few moments in the petting zoo, then I noted that there is a Starbucks Coffee in Adventure City, man those things are EVERYWHERE. We then proceeded to the train ride for a nice circle tour of the park. The train also passes through a unique , cutely themed Birthday Party building, a nice touch. Then we took a spin on the Freeway Coaster.

After suffering many evil stares from parents as we hogged two cars on this Miler kiddie coaster, forcing their little dumplings to wait yet another cycle. (It was like a 5 cycle wait), we rode this nifty Miler kiddie, unique with a helix like finale.

Freeway Coaster: Bumper to Bumper - Coaster # 160

We then hi tailed it out of the park, stopping to notice the Fire Engine ride which was quite well themed for a traditional park, the Tommy The Train gift shop and play area.

Even a trip to the rest rooms was noteworthy as we noted both traditional and special "Daddy and Me" stalls.

Soon it was time to break for dinner, then head up to Scandia Family Fun Center, but that is the subject of another Trip Report.

David Bowers
Mayor, Coasterville

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