Administrative judge says Universal Orlando discriminated against man in motorized wheel chair

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An administrative judge says an Orlando man was discriminated against after he could not use his motorized wheelchair to wait in line for rides at Universal Studios last year, court documents show. Non-motorized chairs are allowed.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

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Disney allows the motorized chairs in queue, and I lost a chunk of skin on one of my heels because of it. If the park will provide a non-motorized chair for the queue, I would think that would be reasonable. I realize there are emotional issues related to dignity here, but I'm not sure that it seems unreasonable.

The use of rented motorized chairs is a pretty strange phenomenon here, because it's clear by the frequent accidents I see that the people operating them aren't used to using them. My kid was nearly mowed down by one driven by some grandparent that thought it would be fun for her five-year-old grandchild to drive on her lap (that was at Dollywood, a few years ago, actually). He could have been seriously hurt or worse, and I've been suspect of the devices ever since.

Disney previously won a case banning Segways in their parks, though that was largely because they are not medically prescribed devices. Lots of nuance to consider, but I think that looking at this case with Universal without regard to intent is unfair to the park.

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Agree with you 100%. As a frequent visitor to places like Vegas and Disneyland, with huge populations of ECV's I have dropped all sense of politeness in calling these people out when they are reckless. I walk fast, faster than most people in a crowd. If Gramps driving his Rascal with one hand and a cig in the other can go faster than I am, he's a danger. I have no problem telling him to slow the eff down. And the ever popular "little precious" who wants to ride in granny's lap gets a full throated chastising too.

yeah, I'm that guy.

I think I've mentioned before witnessing an old geezer coming from the International Gateway to UK, cutting between the photopass photographer and Alice posing with a guest, running over a small child in the process, tipping his scooter over and dumping him out.

My mother-in-law needed a scooter last November at Disney. If I recall, she had to transfer to a special non-motorized wheelchair for Space Mountain because scooters and normal wheelchairs wouldn't fit in parts of the queue.

Also, pushing a non-motorized scooter thru the Space Mountain queue requires effort to keep it under control to not injure yourself or others.

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