Activist banned from SeaWorld parks for attempting to enter with activist sign, can't figure out why

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Leilani Munter was banned from SeaWorld Entertainment theme parks after she showed up with 33 roses and a sign honoring the orca Tilikum shortly after he died this month. “May the four winds blow you safely to your ocean home where you belonged these 33 years,” the sign said. “RIP Tilikum.” Munter said SeaWorld Orlando security approached her and said they didn’t want the sign there. She questioned why.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

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I say all animal activists should be thrown into a cage with tigers or lions and i bet their tune will change.

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So your stance is that any animal that can kill us isn't worth saving?

I say we shouldn't lump all animal activists in with those that pull stunts like this.

Looks to me that this just got her the publicity that she wanted. Mission accomplished without paying admission to the park. When her Danica Patrick style photo shoots didn't do the trick she brought us the Blackfish ARCA race car. Next up is her 'vegan-powered' car. Does that mean it runs on vegetable oil? Or is she just going to be pedaling as fast as she can?

She smells like french fries.

Good. Sea World doesn't need negative business conducted on their property.

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