ACN adds more than 50 new photos of Paramount's Kings Island

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ACN has posted a massive gallery of Paramount's Kings Island that contains more than 50 photos.

Link: America Coasters Network

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Awesome pictures i gotta get up there and ride the son of beast that is the mega woodie ever!


Thanks! Son of Beast was actually much better than I expected. It wasn't too rough, but the restraints are pretty uncomfortable.


I have only been on Son of Beast 70 times since media day of 2000. I prefer riding in the front becuase of a better ride up there. I just never understood why they couldn't get 3 trains (which as far as I know was the original plan) going for that ride. Wonder if there is a timing issue or could be the fact they only have one parking area outside the station for the train? Anyone have an idea or inside info?
Dudes at Americacoasters...

Those are some awesome pics you have on your site! I'm quite impressed! Keep up the good work.

-Keith "Badnitrus" McVeen

rhino 24, I have always wondered that also. I think its the SOB crew lacking in speed really. Sometimes they do move quick but it seems to me for the most part they are fairly slow. This thing would never have a line if they had a 3 train operation that ran smoothly.
3 train operation is a timeing issue. The ride goes faster than expected. The ride would always setup.

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Not true, according to Jeff Siebert (note the spelling). He told us on our tour at BeastBuzz that the position of the station prohibited them from safely having the extra block up track of the final brakes. This was a change made late in the design. The third train is stored in the area behind Nick Central.

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Jeff thats part of the 13 year old theme of the page Theres LOTS of mispelling. I will fix it though.
Remember I worked on the ride too :)
Hi.....whats your name again?

Visit the 1st and only Jeff Seibert Fan page!!

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