ACE Spring Conference At Cedar Point

I am curious about any reports from people who were at the recent ACE conference at CP this past weekend. How was it? Any news from the park about new rides and changes?

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At our dinner on Saturday, Ouimet spoke. He said something to the affect of, We're doing something your really going to love. But, John [Hildebrandt] won't let me tell you. Ouimet and Hildebrandt then tried to convince our Events Director to have ACE back again next year. I don't think ACE has ever had a national event at the same park in consecutive years before.

They auctioned off an original maverick banner for almost 500 dollars. It was probably 12 feet by 6 feet and included the heart line roll.

After 4 separate 2 hour long ERT sessions, I'm still exhausted.

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Ha! I love that guy. It does seem that everyone is trying to rope in his enthusiasm for...

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He seemed like a nice enough fellow.

I also spoke to John

I suggested that a Paddle Wheel Excursion dispay could be put in as well. I mentioned to him that there were 2 stacks from the boats under Millie. He liked this idea enough to pull out his note pad and write it down. :)

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Those boats could also be fun props for HalloWeekends.

I think they should have had the T-Rex chew on them. Omnomnom

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That's probably only disturbing to me. :p

Neuski said:

Those boats could also be fun props for HalloWeekends.

One of them was used as a prop in Blood on the Bayou last year, along with a number of the animatronic scenes from Paddlewheel.

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