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Wednesday, August 8, 2001 9:52 AM
With Kennywood being my home park I was really expecting alot from this place. With our earlier stop we got there just about before ERT started at night. After a nice jog from the Ballroom up the hill, I was on the first train out towards the back on Boulder Dash. This is an absolutely incredible ride. Amazing laterals and great airtime the whole way through. The great employees letting us have 2 clicks on the lapbar was incredible too. If only those PTC lapbars would stay up. I did walk over and get 2 nice rides on the Wildcat then said I need to get back over there. Rode BD probably about 65 times over those 2 days.

After riding the Dash a few more times in the morning on Sunday, the whole family went on Ghost Hunt. Great interactive dark ride that i won both times. Kennywood needs something like that. I'll use the suggestion someone told me is to change the Gold Rusher into something like that.

Once again great food provided by the park for us. The park brought some clowns to do a media shoot with us at the end of the lunch. I thought it was neat. After lunch, the family took a scenic trip on the park's skyride. 900 feet up a mountain where you can get great views of the park and surrounding area. Including the ESPN studios. After finding a little girl to ride the Kiddy Coaster with me, I headed over to the Zoomerang.

My sister, me and a friend of ours were first in line. We were talking toward the front 2 seats and a little kid ran around us and took the front. We kindly asked the kid and his friend to move and they did. When we were getting our lapbars checked a woman walked over and started yelling at us for talking to her kid. After screaming at her for a couple mins she left us alone. That irked me a little but what are you going to do. After a ride on their wet flume and a trip on the ferris wheel, I walked over and rode LC's rapids ride. After seeing it on Discovery Channel a while ago, it looked cool and it was the best rapids I was ever on.(That would change the next day) After some good breadsticks at the Croc Pot. The evening ERT on the dash was good. The worst part was the mad dash from the entrance around to the coaster. I was lucky enough to be the 5th person and was on the front seat of the 3rd train out. That ride is still amazing and will be for a long time. Kennywood needs one of these too.

Very nice park, I was a little upset the Boulder Dash quarter machine wasn't working. If thats the worst thing, I would say it was a good park. Now with the conference over a bunch of us made it the unofficial add-on day the next day at Six Flags New England. (Lucky us)

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