Ace preservation con. side trip.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2001 11:08 AM
A couple of friends and I arrived in Hartford around one pm. We took the rental car straight to Six Flags New England. We went on Superman first. We waited about 45 minutes and we were off. We rode in seat 3-1. I really liked the ride but, it did not live up to all the hype in my opinion. I still enjoyed MF a lot more. We then went to the Thunderbolt. What looked like a near walk on took a long time. The ride ops took forever. I don't understand why any kid would want to walk around the park carrying a giant bookbag. What I don't understand even more is why they try to sneak them on the rides. Every train had to be emptied of all the bookbags before it could run. Once we finally were off, I really enjoyed the coaster. It had nice pacing and was a lot of fun. We then headed over to the Cyclone. Another long wait in a very short line. They were running one train and when we were just about to get on they decided to run two. I don't know why they just don't start the day out with two. I don't understand their thinking. People can't spend money when their in line. After a long wait for them to get both trains running we were off. I really liked this coaster. It was great. Nice laterals and some good air. A great coaster. I liked SF New England and want to go again and spend more time there. We then headed for Canobie. When we arrived, I fell in love with the park. What a great park. It was clean and very well taken care of. We headed straight for the Cannonball. This ride is a hidden gem. I loved it. The air was great and it ran super smooth and fast. We rode in the front. This coaster is now one of my favorites. I liked everything about the park. A real breath of fresh air. We left and decided to go to Maine. We wanted to hit Excalibur at Funtown. We arrived at about eight pm. I liked this park also. It has a very unusual layout. It is kind of like a maze. It would be something to see if it got real crowded. We rode Excalibur in the front and the back. I really enjoyed it. It is a nice looking coaster. It didn't have much air but, it did have some great laterals. I am glad we decided to go there. We left around nine pm. We had to drive all the way to Stamford for the ace preservation con. All in all I enjoyed each park, with Canobie being a real gem.

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