Ace of Cakes at Kings Dominion, July 1

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Remember this photo from the opening of Intimidator 305? The schedule suggests that the episode of Ace of Cakes where they build that cake will air on July 1 on Food Network.

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What kind of frosting makes a good trim brake?

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Mommy! The cake banged my head!

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Jeff said:
Remember this photo from the opening of Intimidator 305?

I remember the camera man telling us to move several times as he shot into the Sun.. But thats about it. :)

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That was the producer. He was producing! That's how he remains relevant.

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Just watched the show. Not bad, but if they wanted to make it look like a Cedar Fair park they should have put on a few hundred trash cans.

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That was a fun episode. I wouldn't mind working for a guy like Duff.

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I'll laugh if they use the shot that Ken and I walked into and got yelled at for.

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I finally got around to posting a few shots from that day...

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Just noticed it's on right now

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I was so bummed when I missed the first showing. I'd been watching for it since April as I knew it would be an episode. I ended up watching it On Demand the following day.

I'd wondered why you hadn't posted any photos of the ACE crew. I assume you didn't because you couldn't until the show ran.

Love Duff and the show.

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I could post whatever I wanted to. I just didn't think to do so.

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