ACE Fall Freak Out-KI Oct 24th '09

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Should have known by Mother Nature's "lovely" forecast this event wasnt going to be too memorable. Thankfully I grabbed tons of sweats, gloves, hats and jackets before we left home. Registation for event: 9:30-lines of cars waiting to get into parking lot which finally opened at 9:50. 10am-park opens to general public (including the ones who are allowed ERT on DB and Beast) while we stood in Guest Relations office with 50+ other people to get our registration envelope. There were no fancy lanyards, buttons or anything for us, just small pieces of paper to allow the walk back, lights on tours and front of line admissions to some of the haunts. Hubby and I decided to head to DB for ERT anyway and go back to GR later to get envelope in time for Beast walk back at 11:30.

Diamondback crew was their usual excited fun selves. I had made them FFO buttons and brought a bag of Tootsie Rolls for them and they themselves mentioned they had NO idea about the event. I suppose I shouldnt be surprised by that since apparently neither did the front gate crew. We rode 2x before heading to the Beast where we enjoyed 2 rerides, one in the front and one in the back. I must say I was dreading the back seat ride but honestly it wasnt that bad at all! It was actually alot of fun.
We decided we had better head back to GR to get our envelopes before park opened to GP. We were walking along the fountain and were no less than 20' from Skyline when a security guy came running to us telling us that side of the park was closed till 11. WTF? First off, we walked past 3 security people standing by the tower who said NOTHING to us. I stood in front of the Phantom Theater display taking pictures, nothing. Yet this other guy walks ALL the way to us to tell us that side closed? He was obviously pissed at US like we should have known that side closed? In every other "forbidden till opening" area there is a tape sign hanging-and a security guard standing right there, and as I said there were 3 security people standing under the fountain in front of Starbucks we walked right past who said NADDA. This guy made us walk all the way back to tower to other side of fountain, by now it was 10:56. We waited till the running of the bulls to go back into GR only to be told there werent any registration envelopes for either one of us, so no walk back or any of the other goodies. We did however already have our lunch E-tiks that I had purchased online when we (I thought) registered for the event :(

Missing the walk back was no biggie for me anyway. Besides the sucky weather making for lousy pictures, truth be known the walk backs suck since CF took over park. Give me the days it was a REAL walk back clear to the turn before the 2nd lift hill. Give me the days someone from KI talked to you during the tour giving interesting facts and information about the Beast and being happy to answer questions. Apparently those days left around the same time Maureen left :(
I later heard that only 14 people did the walkback anyway.

Before lunch we rode FOF, Racer, BSC, Scoobys Haunted Mansion. I took tons of pictures of anything Nick related. I didnt take alot of coaster pics except for a couple of SOB (please tell me RIP).

Lunch was at 2 at the International Restaurant. Needless to say there wasn't anyone there at 2 but more like 2:15 or so. It was without the doubt the least amount of ACEers I have ever seen eating. There was a microphone but no speaker(s) it was almost scary it was so surreal. The lunch crew that was there were great, getting the dirty plates immediately and making sure the food was all stocked up. Lunch was Skyline and maybe it's me but I cant stand that stuff and think LaRosas would have been a better idea. Naturally, hubby ate enough food to justify the 24.00 it cost us :(

Their PR person showed up around 2:30 or so to pass out extra perks tickets we didnt get earlier. So we did get to do the lights on tour of Carnevil and Trail of Terror. That would be the ONLY way you would get me into either one of those things!! We also had front of the line passes to a couple of the other haunts for later which we passed off to a couple of GP guests when we left.

The crowd seemed to pick up after 3pm. I jumped back on DB for one more ride. Used the single rider line (since it was just ME) but was surrounded by obvious groups who became obviously pissed when they were separated on the platform. TOUGH! I was thrilled to see my buttons on all the ops. I have always thought that the crews during events should get something to thank them for the extra hours which is why starting this year I make buttons for them. It's not much but at least it's something.

Unlike KI events of the past (Beast Bash anyone?) there was no PM ERT on anything.

Around 5:30 hubby wanted to leave and it was around that same time Mother Nature decided to shine the sun, some warmth and break out the blue skies. I was so pissed. Then I wanted to stay till closing but hubby didn't. Said he didnt feel like riding any more so we headed home.

I am far fetched to call this event an event. We could have just as easily just gone on our own any other day, not to mention using the $24.00 to get a semi-nice lunch or dinner in a restaurant away from park. I was honestly expecting the same fun we've had at other KI ACE events (yes even without Jeff or Maureen)
I know some ACEers can be Aceholes but I still dont understand why the obvious lack of communication as well as the obvious lack of respect for the group as a whole. The sad thing was I saw many ACEers with their kids whom this was their 1st KI event and they were not happy nor impressed, I felt badly for them. Again I know how some ACEers are and I am in no way defending them, but not all ACEers are like that so why make an event miserable for all?

It just seemed like a crappy final KI trip of the season for me :(
And for some reason Maureen was BADLY missed Saturday :(

Lifetime Raptor flights: 2169 :)

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If I recall, Brian Neal asked for anyone attending the event to e-mail him so he could put you on the list. I love Skyline. But, $24?! Is that how much it really cost? One main reason I didn't go was because the ERT wasn't E. I was told that you could do the event activities without buying the lunch (hence the e-mail to Brian). If I saw it was $24 I wouldn't have bought it.

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Jason Hammond said:
If I recall, Brian Neal asked for anyone attending the event to e-mail him so he could put you on the list. I love Skyline. But, $24?! Is that how much it really cost? One main reason I didn't go was because the ERT wasn't E.

To blame the ACE rep is not fair, arent the park's supposed to get together with the rep to arrange these events? Isn't the final outcome of the event the park's responsibility?

ERT is not the only reason I attend coaster events (unless its Raptor ERT) I dont like haunted anything but like to take advantage of the "lights on" tours. I mostly love hanging out with friends and having a good time. Some of my best memories at the events are talking and laughing over lunch. A great example of that was the GOCC/KIC KI event, didnt we have a blast at lunch? I expected nothing less from this event. The lunch price wasnt even a factor-Eric ate our $s worth and then some. I did not think we would be treated as an inconvenience to the park - or totally ignored.

I can not recall ANY coaster event (including Coasterbuzz's) where someone from the park didnt talk to us-welcoming us-thanking us-SOMETHING! Even the smallest of groups are made to feel welcome.

I still cant stop thinking about the families who this was their 1st KI ACE event, how far they drove and what they got :(

I wasn't expecting a CoasterMania Jason, but I was expecting some what of a good time-too much to ask?


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I kinda gave up on trying to do a KI event. I couldn't get anyone to return phone calls or e-mail. I'm not one to feel like parks owe us anything, but as long-time Buzzfolk know, I've always treated events as a group sales opportunity for the parks, not a chance to scam some ERT. BeastBuzz at its peak scored something like 250 people, which is a nice little group sales and catering score (and trust me, I know because of the giant checks I've had to write). I felt like they didn't want the business, and that's fine. Lots of other parks do.

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I wasn't blaming anyone. I was just letting you know what I thought to be true.

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Jeff said:
I kinda gave up on trying to do a KI event. I couldn't get anyone to return phone calls or e-mail.

You're not the 1st person to say that and I am sure not the last


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I really find that odd too.. As the long time sister park KD is total opposite.. They are ready to give the world to park event goers. But I guess every PR/Marketing/Sales group is different.

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