ACE announces CoasterCon Appearance by That Guy Who Took a Leak on Top Thrill Dragster

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[Ed. note: This is, in case you have no sense of humor, meant to be a joke. -J]

If you thought the fun of CoasterCon was going to be limited to grotesque demonstrations of the elasticity of the human stomach and whining about trim brakes, think again! Because ACE – in a last-minute addition – just announced that the guy who took a leak on Cedar Point’s new coaster, Top Thrill Dragster, will be at the event and speaking to the group.

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LOL, and I'm the one that asked himself why the heck CP would want Helen Hunt there. ;)

Hilarious article!


LMAO! One of the funniest things I've EVER seen. Gotta love how lazy some people are.....

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Damn! I'm not going to the Con this year yet again... this really sucks. I'm "pissed" off, so to speak... ;)


Never look a gift horse in the mouth, because horses have very bad breath


What a good way to start a day!

Wow, that just sucks. Period.

(at least he got his thirty or fourty seconds of fame though...)

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The last statement on ARN&R "TTD" article disturbs me... I'd quote it, but I think it's against TOS

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Lol, can't wait to meet him. lol

Guess who's back... MIA JON!
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If anyone cares, the pic of the guy taking a leak has been taken off the Photo Shop.

28 days...

I love ARN&R. They've got the funniest stuff about those crazy enthusiasts. ;)

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