Accident at Tibidabo leaves one dead

Ride collapses at Tibidabo amusement park in Spain leaving 1 dead, 3 seriously injured.

Is this a Fabbri Ride? Has anyone ever been on one of these things? Look intense.

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ACE was here last August. I was on the water flume when it opened. The line got about 30 deep before I realized it and the throughput is so slow, I ended up skipping it. I wasn't to concerned about missing it at the time. Now, I wish I had ridden it. I've never heard about any other parks having one. Anyone know where another one might be?

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Brief video showing rides in action and the aftermath. Horrible stuff. Extra scary since I've been on rides like that and generally find them to be awesome and one of the few rides left that can 'get me'.


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