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This is abridged cause i tried last night and it was telling me i was logged out for too much time.

Beast- Best woodie i have been on in a while amazing double helix after second lift. Need to stop the breaking a bit though. 9/10

Adventure Express- Great family ride and great theming nothing too rough or exciting though! 7/10

Delirium- Not a coaster so dont think this is one. A huss frisbee. Great ride shorted than Maxair but who can complain. 8/10

Drop Zone- Waits can be long and the ride announcements are terrible. Lucky for Napoleon Dynamite clips in line. Good Drop different concept than S&S drop towers. 8/10

Top Gun- Good theming especially Highway to the Danger Zone song. Ops were good with handicapped rider on this one. Too short but the ride does make good use of the suspended trains. Just not thrilling to me.

Face/Off- Surprise of the day no doubt about it. Best Vekoma i have been on yet. Great stuff

Resident Arrow Dynamics Whore

Ok just wanted to make sure it worked! But however the thing is 9/10 on Face/Off

Then Italian Job Stunt Track after a horrendous schedule of break downs and such this ride was one i was waiting for.

IJST- The launches are nice the theming is excellent the problem is this isnt the thrill seekers paradise. Its a nice family coaster with some really nice theatrics no doubt. It left me somewhere thinking i waited a long time and drove for this! Families wont be disappointed though no matter what. A thrill for all ages who arent trying to be wowed with some high tech monster. I fall into that latter category though sorry. 7/10

Also did the Vortex too nice ride. Now my second favorite arrow. I am a magnum fan hence the name. But this is a great ride nice inversions and some great speed, the airtime you get is few and far between all the inversions! 8/10

The scooby doo ghoster coaster- great ride for kids and parents that can do somethign together break will cut a man down to size. 5/10

And here for all the viewing and reading pleasure its the Son of Beast report.

SOB- really lives up to those letters in another way if you catch my drift, the drops are the only safe part of the ride. The helixes and turns are deadly and i mean they hurt. I thought that i was gonna need some medical assistance with my head getting bounced back and forth and my back being slammed repeatedly. 4/10 discusting i hope that is how you spell it!

Nice park great food i must admit with great prices, but the capacity of moving people is the only thing that seems sketchy here with all the people thy get in the place. 8/10

Resident Arrow Dynamics Whore

D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G. Indeed. ;)

Rich “Topflightdeckbatgun” Genthner

I thought Delirium and MaxAir were identical. No?

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