?about TTD & Kingda Ka

I noticed in one of the past interviews with Mark Shapiro he stated that Kingda Ka cost SF 50 million dollars. Cp only paid 25 million for TTD so my question is ...How can 318 feet of more track, 36 feet of height added and 8 mph more on KK add up to 25 million dollars more then what CP paid?

It seams like for 50 million SF should of gotten an 840 foot tall, 240 mph rocket coaster lmao.

Is Shapiro just inflating the numbers here to win his case on why building the huge enthusiast loving coasters is not going to be happening under his watch.

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Maybe hes including the repair costs?

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Purchase, construction, maintenane, and repair costs to date.

And a bunny hill. That's gotta run you another mil there, at least. ;)

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I thought that was the cost involved with renovating that entire area of the park, wasn't it?

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I thought so too. I think I read that the 50 million was for the entire Golden Kingdom section of the park.

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I think I agree with the repair cost statements/jokes. I've only been to Cedar Point once and SFGA once while the Kingda Ka was built (a few times prior). The Dragster broke while we were in line and they kept putting people on and taking people off the carts over and over for almost 1 hour. We were about 3 carts away from the ride and we got so mad that we got out of line anyhow. Decided to go ride the others a few more times instead. The Kingda Ka broke while we were in line as well, but only for about 15 minutes. We got on and rode it, but the ride was down for the rest of the day about an hour after we got off.

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I'm still in shock that Nagashima Spa Land paid over $50 million for Steel Dragon 2000...talk about a poor investment.


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Another part could also be that when Intamin contracted TTD they ended up going over their cost expectations and not wanting to repeat that they upped the price on KK.

Part of the extra costs might also be differences between NJ and Ohio requirements and building codes. 25 mil is a lot in that regard, but there also might be soil conditions, etc. that would make up some of the difference. Another thing to think about is TTD was built a few years earlier that KK, and in that time period, steel prices went through the roof.

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I thought that Steel Dragon 2000 price went up because of the extra steel, like two or three times as much. Because there in the Cyclone area.

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^As I recall, SD 2000 was built to withstand light-to-moderate earthquakes which are common in the Pacific Rim. So, that equates to a lot more steel needed for its construction.

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