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While still not completely unbiased, reports on the Consumer Product Safety Commission's report on amusement ride safety. While they still managed to bring up the non-accident break-down from yesterday's USA Today, the report does bring up the fact that more people are injured annually by fishing, dancing, golfing or bicycling.

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I read somewhere that you are safer riding a rollercoaster then walking across the street or playing sports. So if you think about it, Coasters are saving lives by keeping people from those other activities. Go Coasters!!!

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Published in HealthWise by Weyerhauser – Feb 2000
Source: Fred Kilbourne, Risk Expert

Your risk of being killed on an amusement park ride? One in 250 million.

Your risk of being killed driving home from an amusement park ride? One in 7,000.

Obviously, we need to spend more time on the coasters, and less time leaving the parks.

Actually, It's 1 in 350,000.
the Amusement industry does not need tougher safety standards. The rider's need greater responsibility safety acts, for 80% of all accidents are caused by the guests
It's terrible that these news companies have their mind set that coasters aren't safe when in fact they are safer than basically any thing else you can do.

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