Thursday, June 1, 2000 11:02 AM
Hey, I sit here and read all of these postings and post some too. I have a problem though. I don't know what the abbreviations mean, for example, BM, KK PKD, PKI, etc. I know CP and MA , and ST cause I've been there, hehe. Someone want to post the names for the abbreviations would be helpful. Thanks :)
Thursday, June 1, 2000 11:09 AM
I'll try to help....
B & M - Bollinger & Mabillard , Coaster designers who created Inverted & floorless styles
KK - Kentucky Kingdom (louisville)
PKD - Paramount's King Dominion (near Richmond)
PKI- Paramount's King's Island (Near Cincinnati)
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Thursday, June 1, 2000 11:10 AM
MA? ST? serial thriller?
Thursday, June 1, 2000 12:05 PM
MA? Michigan's Adventure
Thursday, June 1, 2000 12:18 PM
What is OFLOL or something like that? Anyone know?

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Thursday, June 1, 2000 12:23 PM
HW= Holiday World
KW= Kennywood
PTC= Philadelphia Toboggan Company
CCI= Custom Coasters Inc.
GCI= Great Coasters Inc.
SFGA= Six Flags Great Adventure
SFA= Six Flags America (D.C.)
SFO= Six Flags Ohio
SFMM= Six Flags Magic Mountain
IOA= Island of Adventure
BGW= Busch Gardens Williamsburg
BGT= Busch Gardens Tampa
Thats about all the main ones I can think of for now. I hope it helps.
Here's two more :
RCT= Roller Coaster Tycoon
CF= Corkscrew Follies or Cedar Fair
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PKD,BGW,Knoebels,Dorney,Hershey,PKI,HW,SFKK,SFA, Camden *** This post was edited by coasterpunk on 6/2/2000. ***
Thursday, June 1, 2000 12:31 PM

OL:FOF = Outer Limits:Flights of Fear
"You have to scale a lot of lift hills to coast easily..."
Thursday, June 1, 2000 12:34 PM
Is PCW Paramounts Canada's Wonderland or Paramounts Carowinds?

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Thursday, June 1, 2000 1:00 PM
PCW would be Paramount's Canada's Wonderland and PC is Paramount's Carowinds.
Thursday, June 1, 2000 1:00 PM
some more obscure ones:
TCFKAB: Mantis, or The Coaser Formerly Known As Banshee
TPFKAGL = SFO, or The Park Formerly Known As Geagua Lake.
TCFKAT2 = Batman at KK, or The Coaster Formerly Known As T2.

the only abbreviation I'm not to sure about is SLC. I assume Vekoma SLCs are the Vekoma Inverted coaster Nor'Easter and it's clones like TCFKAT2. but what's it stand for?

Thursday, June 1, 2000 1:10 PM
SLC is a Suspended Looping Coaster
Thursday, June 1, 2000 1:11 PM
MA would be Michigans Adventure. (Live 20min away) ST would be Shivering Timbers. :)
Thursday, June 1, 2000 9:01 PM
Isn't SLC, Shuttle Loop Coaster?

Anyone know these?

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Friday, June 2, 2000 7:11 AM
I thought SFGAdv was Great Adventure?
Friday, June 2, 2000 7:17 AM
What do u mean Mantis, formerly known as Banshee? Mantis wasn't originally built and CP? CP bought Mantis from another park?
Friday, June 2, 2000 7:20 AM
what is imao or something. banshee was the original name of mantis
Friday, June 2, 2000 7:24 AM
SFGAdv = Great Adventure (NJ)
SFGAm = Great America (IL)
SFGA = confusion, we need to retire this 1 =]

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IMHO = In my Humble Opinion
Friday, June 2, 2000 7:34 AM
I read somewhere that CP changed the name Banshee to Mantis because they realized that a banshee is a ghost that appears when someone is about to die. Good thing they changed it's name.:)
I like the name Mantis anyway.
Friday, June 2, 2000 8:03 AM
Raptor Munkey I was to KK (Kentucky Kingdom) this past week and T2 is still T2 not Batman. Although the Batman logo is right next to the ride it is just telling you the Batman show is around the cornet. Go to the enterance to T2 and to will see the BIG T2 logo.

Parks hit for 2000!
PKD,BGW,Knoebels,Dorney,Hershey,PKI,HW,SFKK,SFA, Camden
Friday, June 2, 2000 3:15 PM
Kennywood has also been abbr. as KP
What is OLFOF?

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