Abandoned Freestyle/Hard Rock Park on Revolution

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Not sure if anyone else is watching this show, but the defunct Hard Rock/Freestyle Music Park was featured as a backdrop for the show Revolution (you can watch the episode here). I never did get to see it in real life, but I wonder how much of the overgrowth is set dressing and how much is real.

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Based on the photo's I've seen from other defunct parks, the overgrowth seems completely reasonable. It's amazing how quickly mother nature can reclaim land if left unattended.

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So I guess the show got it right. The power was really shut off.

I know Led Zeppelin was fairly oridinary compared to other B&Ms, but it would be such a nice addition for a lot of parks trying to build up or step into the world of major steel coasters. Even those other coasters, except Maximum RPM! because of maintenance, would be nice additions for parks in need of a family coaster. Shame they are all sitting there after two years of little wear and tear.

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I have suggested once or twice that LZ might be a great opportunity for HW to move into the big leagues of steel coastering.

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I can't imagine how that ride hasn't been sold cheap.

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From what I have been told by a close local friend (non coaster person) this is because one of the original owners has some how been able to keep control of the park. This has been though a number of shadow companies and shady deals. There have been many companies inquiring about the rides, but they simply are not for sale with the intent on moving them.

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I have suggested once or twice that LZ might be a great opportunity for HW to move into the big leagues of steel coastering.

They also had one of the best mine ride coasters I have been on. The kiddie coaster would be a nice stepping stone up from Howler and the water coaster would be cool in the water park.

If they were to move the maximum RPM coaster to HW, wouldn't it look cool themed to Christmas with the cars rethemed to sleighs.

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^Yeah, I agree. Life In The Fast Lane was a terrific example of the genre.

The amusement park rises bold and stark..kids are huddled on the beach in a mist


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