Abandoned Coaster Photos

Monday, October 17, 2005 12:37 PM
the main reason Heritage USA went under was because of the fall of Jim Bakker. if you remember he was busted in the late 1980's for tax evasion and other financial stuff...i dont know all the details, but basically he mishandled the PTL empire BIG TIME. after he was carted off to jail, i can only imagine that what was left of the leadership at PTL probably disbanded. Heritage USA lost a lot of its popularity because people were very displaced by what happened to Bakker. its a shame what some Christians do, and how bad they make real Christians look....anyway...off that soap box

so yea...i ALMOST got to go to there when i was a little kid, a group went from my church, and my mom wanted to go, but for some reason it fell thru. looking at those pictures is quite eerie. i would imagine the place is far beyond repair/reopening possibilities, but it would be nice to see something happen there.

Monday, October 17, 2005 8:58 PM

Keith2005 said:
Found a site full of SNBO parks:


I am actually suprised that they had my hometown park on this site. The Cascade Park that I remember is quite different than what is in these pictures.

In the last picture with the park entrance sign, there used to be a mini golf course off in the left background, and a go-kart track off to the right of the frame, and bumper-boats next to that. That is if this is the same entrance that I remember. Been at least 15 years since I last seen it.

I do remember my Uncle taking me there and this was before I ever knew of rollercoasters, I did see the concrete footers, and the rotting timber for the only wooden coaster in the park, it was a ravine coaster if I remember correctly.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005 2:31 AM
I'm surprised that site didn't list Dogpatch USA in Harrison, AK on route 7. I actually visited this park before when it was open. It had a Mouse Coaster, a Rail Road, a Big Kiddy Playground, and many other rides and attractions. There was once also a Ski resort on the property. A few years ago I went by what was the site of the park and a few rides were still standing and rotting away because of neglect and the lack of maintaince. It is sad to see a park you once visited looking bad like that.

Dogpatch USA closed in 1993, the same year their rival Silver Dollar City opened ThuNderaTion.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005 6:28 PM

millrace said:
Heritage USA attracted 6 MILLION visitors? Whoa! Why? What was there besides a waterpark and a bunch of shops?

A bunch of naive religious zealots that believed in Jim & Tammy Baker.


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