A word of Warning About The Beach

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I went to Kings Island and The Beach Waterpark on Monday. I could talk all day about how the Beast is not fairly the longest coaster, because of its two lift hillls and what not.;) It was surprisingly smoother than what I remember. Anywho the trip to Kings Island was great. The Beach, however, was not. This place was an absolute dump. The lazy river had no current and much debris floating about. The foam themery was falling apart. It is poorly laid out and there are very few signs to show you how to get to the attractions. Some slides had their slpashdowns filled with sand, yet the slides themselves were left to rot. There were very few non-rental inner tubes for any of the attractions. It made for a very unpleasant 2 hours. I warn you all: if you must visit a waterpark near Kings Island, do NOT choose The Beach.
Sounds like this park is in its last legs. A poorly maintained park usually doesn't last long. I wouldn't be surprised to hear it's closing.
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That's sad to hear but not surprising. I have heard the same from a couple of other people.

I was wondering how it would stay open with Boomerang Bay just down the road.


That's sad because it looks really nice from 71.
I don't know about closing, the Nickolodean? kids park is still booming. But I know a few who work there, and said the park is at a low because of the SOB incident, and the park is trying to cover their ass for the time being. So I don't think the maintenance is low.

Maybe you were talking about the water park, yea that place is BULL****!! Went there last year, after going to another park in Carolina, and thought, naw that's ok, i'd rather spend 30 on PKI again.

You do realize that The Beach is not Kings Island, correct? I'm pretty sure nobody in their right mind (Including Andy up there) would suggest that Kings Island is closing.

And it's Nickelodeon. Nickel plus odeon. (A word that was not created by MTV Networks. There were "nickel odeons" during the vaudville era because you paid a nickel to get in.)

(I believe that a themery is the place where they make theming?)
"I could talk all day about how the Beast is not fairly the longest coaster, because of its two lift hillls and what not."

It's not. It's the longest WOODEN coaster.



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Hey, don't be dissing the Beast. THat's unclassy! ;)

So the Beach is waterpark that has sand all over the place instead of concrete, right? Always sounded like a cool concept, but I've heard the sand is a real pain for maintanance.

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Michael Darling said:
And it's Nickelodeon. Nickel plus odeon. (A word that was not created by MTV Networks. There were "nickel odeons" during the vaudville era because you paid a nickel to get in.)

...And I remember WHY Nickelodeon is called Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon got its start before MTV even existed (!), in 1978. It shared a channel with Pinwheel (was its own channel, programming for preschoolers, 14 hours a day...) and aired silent movies while Pinwheel was dark. Qube channel C3, if I remember correctly...

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"I could talk all day about how the Beast is not fairly the longest coaster, because of its two lift hillls and what not."

And further more, it's track length, not "time spent" on the coaster. So you could talk all day about it, but you'd be talking to yourself, as there is no question that it is the longest wooden coaster in the world.

And the Beach has been going downhill for a VERY long time...it was great when I was a kid (mid 80's), but ever since the introduction of indoor waterparks in Ohio and then Boomerang Bay, the Beach has just fallen off the radar. *** Edited 8/24/2006 1:16:24 PM UTC by OhioStater***

The beast is just two coasters stuck together. The length never impressed me.
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The Beach hosted a stop on the AVP tour last summer, but I didn't get around to going. They weren't back this year.

So I'll ask the obvious question... why didn't you go to the water park in PKI?

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Yeah I threw that in there about the Beast just to be unclassy. ;)

Yes the Beach is NOT part of Kings Island. We had a fabulous time at Kings Island. Because it was a weekday when most of the area kids are back in school, there were hardly any lines. The longest wait was for the Beast, but we only had to wait because they had a problem with one of the trains and had to take it off.

The Beach is just down the road from Kings Island and it used to be a lot better than what it is now. While it never was fantastically great, it has gone downhill in a hurry.

Edit: We saw the Beach and thought we would give it a try. My girlfriend had been there before and liked it, and we have the "Been There Done That" attitude with Boomerang Bay. *** Edited 8/24/2006 1:35:42 PM UTC by a_hoffman50***

This is dissapointing... I've been meaning to go to the Beach for years. I went every year in high school, but haven't been since then (1994).

They have some excellent rides that PKI's water park doesn't have, especially Hidden Rapids, one of those "take at your own pace" rides that's kind of like a lazy river with fast parts. They've got a water coaster now (I've never ridden it), and I always liked Snake River Rapids, which starts with a tube slide and then turns into a river ride.

And they have sandy beaches, unlike any theme-park waterparks I can think of.

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Hidden Rapids was fun. We could not find their water coaster. Snake River Rapids was closed. :( I really wanted to try Snake River Rapids, too. The sand beaches, while a great idea on paper, were very annoying. Sand was everywhere, which made it hard to walk.
That is unfortunate. I went to The Beach when it first opened in the mid 80s, when water parks where still somewhat of a novelty and I was really impressed with the place. I think it was my first lazy river and my first wave pool experience. I went back a few years ago in December (they decorate for the holidays) and thought they had added a lot of unique attractions, including what appeared to be an uphill waterslide (but it wasn't a master blaster). I was always impressed with the way they used the natural terrain, and how much shade was in the park. It is sad to hear that they are not keeping it maintained.
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Acoustic Viscosity said:Hey, don't be dissing the Beast. THat's unclassy!

So is putting brakes on EVERY freakin' hill/drop on the ride... ;)

The Beach (seen it, never visited) can't be doing too well longer-term. PKI's waterpark was THE topic of discussion when I visited the amusement park, and was apparently *exceptionally* busy....on a weekday. Add in the year-round waterpark facilities being erected next-door to Top Gun, and, well, gonna be hard for the separately-gated Waterpark to survive THAT kind of competition.

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I last went to the Beach last year, on a Saturday where they offered $5 admission after 5 pm with an internet coupon for their "Dive-in Movies" promotion. It was sometime maybe August or July, and there was surprisingly not too many people there, but not "dead" to say.
Yes, the Beach has some nice older slides and character that Boomerang Bay lacks - especially the Hidden Rapids. I also like their water coaster, Aztec Adventure, which has a couple of uphill sections (hence what makes it a coaster), and a deeper wave pool you take tubes into.
I even found the park to be in overall good shape - some of the slide flumes look like they had been replaced in recent years.
This I hope Cedar Fair takes note of with Boomerang Bay - the Sydney Sidewinder and Down Under Thunder (blue open body flumes) look really worn out. The structures even look worn.
The Beach, however, is a place that relies more on discount deals and locals. The last addition was a bit disappointing - a long body flume that was slow and boring. The Beach has its own merits that make it stand out against Boomerang Bay, but they seem to be fading.

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