A very loud B&M or 2 or 3!

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Just recently I was down at Islands of Adventure for a week and stayed at Royal Pacific Resort which is right across from dr doom and hulk. Not only in the park but in the hotel room you could hear Hulk when they were doing test runs in the morning. Also at Busch Gardens in Tamp, the B&M's there (Montu and Kumba) were very loud also. I am guessing earlier bm's have far more "roar" than recent one's??

Some parks like Dorney put gravel or something similar around the supports to quiet Talon and Hydra. Maybe Universal should do the same if you can hear the coaster from the hotel.

All B&Ms have that roar unless they were specifically designed to be quiet. Some of the options available are quieter riding wheels and sound deadening material packed into the box beam. I can't remember all of the ones that have been quieted, but the two that come to mind are Silver Bullet and Alpengeist.

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I think that they put gravel in the support columns and sand in the rails to quiet it down. I could be wrong. It's been a while.

It's not sand, although many people have said that it is. Someone at the B&M booth at IAAPA several years go told me sand would be too heavy, but they wouldn't share exactly what it is. I'm thinking a material like Perlite.

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Here's the stuff they put in in Maverick's support columns. Some park folk at the time indicated it was sand. Talon is actually the quietest B&M I can recall riding.

And for the record, hearing Hulk in the morning is one of the things I like most about staying at Royal Pacific. I've heard it run late too for private functions on the way back from City Walk.

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I could see sand in the support columns, but not the box beam. Although you would think the steel would still be the heaviest component.

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Living north of dorney I can attest that Talon is very very quiet. Neighbords didnt want to put up with the roar I guess. I did like hearing hulk in the morning as well. Who needs an alarm clock lol. All in all Hulk, Montu and Kumba are the loudest coasters BM wise I have been on so far. I did hear that Talon was filled with Sand to quiet it down.

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I would be surprised if they put anything in the spine. It would seem to me that would cause a completely different weight dynamic in the track. Not saying they don't, it would just surprise me. I've never noticed any entry points on the spine either, though perhaps I wasn't looking hard enough.

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Afterburn @ Carowinds is unusually loud as well.

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There are a number of construction photos of Talon here:


I don't see anything that looks like an entry point in either the supports or track, which leads me to believe they come pre-filled.

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I'm not convinced. Shipping those things from Southern Ohio filled would be crazy expensive if they can be filled on site. Not to mention, flying the steel and the weight of the substance at the same time makes it a lot harder to build.

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As is Great Bear, but they may have wanted it to sound the way it does because of the name, theme.

It's possible they use some other kind of dampening material in the box beam that they can build into it. I would suspect some kind of acoustical material(s) similar to what you would find in a studio. That is, if they even do anything to the spine. I seem to recall a discussion where it was determined that the sounds come from vibrations through the supports, and barely any sound from the track (specifically the spine).

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When Patriot opened I heard that the spine came pre-filled with styrofoam. I have no idea if its true.

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Maybe they fill the supports and spines with "GREAT STUFF"! :)

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Its my understanding that all the coasters at IOA have sand in the rails...but maybe I was told wrong?

I think Raptor and Mantis are pretty loud but I think the loudest B&M ever was Batman the Ride at SFGrtAdv. It was crazy loud!

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To add to this, there is one Vekoma Boomerang that also got its supports filled with sand. The Walibi Belgium (ex Six Flags) got a Boomerang that was built kinda close to the neighbors, so, the city ruled that the park had to "lessen the noise".

The solution was to get a company to come in, drill holes in every support (the ride had been operating for a few years at that point!) and fill them up with sand. The park also installed a plastic covering over part of the second lift hill chain, to get rid of a lot of the noise of the chain dogs jumping the slower moving chain.

The only loud B&M I've noticed so far is Great Bear, and I love every aspect of the "loud coaster." In my opinion, loudness is a significant part of the intensity and rider draw factors. It's sad how neighbors like to ruin the fun. When you live near an amusement park, you better be ready for noise! I praise parks like Universal and Hershey who have made their coasters roar.

A few non-B&M instances of exceptional coaster noise include Son of Beast and Ravine Flyer II. Anyone rememeber the roaring lift on SOB when the original trains were in operation? For me, that added to the intensity and excitment (which was lost upon riding). Ravine Flyer II comes to mind because a large part of its legal battle was potential noise. I bet the tunnels on the bunny hops next to the campground were added in attempt to reduce noise.

If I remember correctly B&M coasters are designed to be louder than most. I also believe that they can put sand inside the spine in order to dampen the sound, they had to do this on dueling dragons at IOA because just over the fence from the midpoint of the ride is a school.

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