A very interesting article on PGA,SFMW and,SCBB no

Wednesday, May 16, 2001 8:38 PM
I was gretted with my local paper's front page to have a picture of Medusa's giants loop on it. The article was about the Bay area's entertainment and how it will be affected by the power outages. The parks reveled there plans. PGA on there we site seems to be taking it the most seriously of any park. PGA said they will have power if they reduce there power by 10 percent. This will apparently not affect guest's visit, they then go on to say that fountains will be turned off and air conditioning will be turned off or reduced in non nessecary buldings. Well, PGA's web site said basically aircondidioning can be turned off any were [ Action theater, IMAX thearte ring a bell] Well I say it would suck to be in there with no air. They said in a stage 3 aleart [ rolling blackouts :( ] a couple small rides will be turned off only for an hour or to though. They said all roller coasters are safe and require no power to run except on lift hill. Rides will return to staion as usual. The park seems ready!

SFMW has not worked out a deal with SMUD yet. There main concern was the animals but they say in the event of a balckout they can commouicate and evacuate guets safley and of the park and off rides.

SCBB was interesting. They say they are training workers to evacate guests, and refund ride tickets. All there dark rides have emergency lighting and park has backup generators. The thing is that the park new they were concerned about is to get people out of there. SCBB is on a beach and is really in a neighborhood. There is no real big parking lot for the park and people park around town and go to the beach. This is were all hell brakes loose folks.

It seems if you are making a trip to nocal this summer you in good hands!
Wednesday, May 16, 2001 8:41 PM
Todd, what is the name of the newspaper you saw this in? Find out if it has a website and submit it in the news section.


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