A trip to Dollywood and the surrounding area.

A theatre critic for the Chicago Tribune discusses his family vacation to the amusement park and other must see spots. A nice positive story.

Dollywood and other stuff.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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"...the only theme park I know with a church on the grounds..."

And he calls himself a "theme-park aficionado"?

Very good story. 5 out of 5! lol

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^Not sure what became of Knott's church in the years since I was there....but I know that Santa's Workshop has a chapel "on the grounds" (at 14,000 feet or whatever). Coldest.Theme.Park.EVER. :)


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He should visit the park during Christmastime when the whole place is lit up, including the church. :)


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I vaguely recall that Knott's moved theirs outside the park boundary when silver bullet was built---or something like that.

In any event, we've really come to enjoy our trips to the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge/Sevierville area. We went for a week in 2007, and returned for another week this past June. Folks down there really are about the friendliest around, and Dollywood manages to carry off its "theme" without hitting you over the head with "Hey! This is all really fake!" in the way that some others can.

If you haven't made the trip down to the Smokies yet, you should. Well worth the trip, and tons to do.

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Cedar Point also has a church on site, fyi.

Sometime this year, I am going to go to DW for the first time ever!

They do? Where?

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Near Ocean Motion, I believe. When I was employed there, it was something that they mentioned many times during training. They held Sunday services there for the employees too. A few of my coworkers went on a regular basis.

(Looks at CP map online...)

I'm not certain, but I believe that it's the building that houses the Coral Dining Room. If it is not that building, it is a building near there that is not on the map. Perhaps it is the building that has the Helen Keller plaque in front of it.

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It's actually held in the Breakers East Conference Center. At least, it has been for the last several years.

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The church at Knotts was moved to make way for Silver Bullet. It is now across the street near the picnic groves.

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And my dreams for the perfect job went with it...

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Thanks CP Chris. I'm still pretty sure that their is a church building within the park gates, somewhere near where I was talking about.

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